MexiStim Polarity Cycler - ONLINE Ordering

Read this article which also tells you how to build a simple version to test for yourself.

The Original Mexistim using wooden boxes are no longer available because I can't get the boxes anymore. The two new Mexistims use rugged injection molded plastic boxes which are far superior. (this page updated 08/06/10)
Check out the Basic and the Universal Mexistim Polarity Cyclers at;

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Before you order;
  • Each MexiStim is tested for 2-6 hours or more to verify correct operation before sending via UPS. If you receive a MexiStim and the packaging is damaged, do not accept it or sign for it. You can file a claim with UPS for damaged delivery. I have NEVER had a MexiStim damaged or not delivered using UPS as the carrier.
  • If your intent is to reverse engineer the MexiStim, please do not order, that is not why I build them and why I posted a diagram on the website so you can build and experiment with your own. I will not accept responsibility for the damages you do when using multimeters or testing equipment on the MexiStim.
  • Contact me if you have problems or questions and I will do the best I can to resolve them, but I am not here to teach you electronics or help you 'research' the MexiStim design. Simply don't waste my time or yours by placing an order. Thanks!