Mexico Sun and Moon Wall Plaques

Payment Instructions - Please make all payments to Paypal, Paytrust or ebay using mexicojerry or jdraug. All items are guaranteed to be as listed and I will replace any damaged material at no cost to my purchaser.

Here is a very colorful set of sun and moon plaques to hang in your kitchen or wherever you wish them to be seen. When visitors ask the difference between Spain and Mexico, we tell them;

"Spain is Black and White while Mexico is TECHNICOLOR!"

This set is overall green with a multicolored face on the sun and another face on the cresent moon with a man and woman. Look carefully at the colors in these two pieces. The size of the moon is 4 1/2 inches and the sun is 6 inches.

Allow three weeks for delivery as the Mexican mail system is slow.

US $12.00 and S&H is $6.00 US. International orders need to email me for shipping costs.

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