Aztec/Mayan Ceremonial Sacrificial Dagger

This knife is made by Chiapas Indians of southern Mexico. It is a copy of one of the ceremonial knives used by the Aztec indians for the sacrifice of humans to their gods. It is beautiful, and is chipped from Obsidian (a black lava glass). It's anthropomorphic handle is covered with ground jade.

This one has a crouching Aztec god on it's handle. The knives have different shaped blades as they are handmade by different individuals. This particular knife has a solid blade with no separations along it. This is my most popular knife. The entire knife is approx 8 inches long. I have other sizes and shapes as well. Picture this knife on your wall, den or on your desk.

Please allow three weeks for delivery as the Mexican mail system is very slow. I don't recommend shipping by air as I have lost the last three shipments due to the new air regulations for knives.

The price of this knife is $29.99 US and S&H is $10 US. International orders need to email for actual cost to ship. You may pay for this object through Paypal, or paytrust using Mexicojerry or jdraug. Either one will work. Thanks for your order!