"Choppers on the Cheap"

an eBook by Jerry Draughon

Dental Work
done and
can't afford it?

How about a Filling for $10 or a Crown for only $50?

Did you almost drop dead when your
friendly neighborhood dentist quoted you his price?

Why not save Money and have a Vacation in Sunny Mexico
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My book can save you thousands of dollars off your needed dental bill!

I tell you who, where and how much! Come on down to Mexico and have that dental work done by university or USA trained doctors,
between visits, lie on the beach, with a MaiTai or your favorite beverage
in hand,or visit some of the more beautiful
cities and villages of Mexico.

I wrote a small article in an international publication
which drew over 700 inquiries.

I felt that there was a Need for my eBook,
which I believe can save you money
and let you take that vacation that you've always desired
for Less than what the dentist will charge you in the States!

Only $10.00 for my eBook,
"Choppers on the Cheap!"
It will save you
hundreds of dollars
on your dental bills.

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