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From: Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1996 16:47:34 -0700 Subject: Life Known Before Mars Your Idea on NASA could be correct....


D.F. Zigel Ogonek, No. 47,

*** November 1962 ***

p.28-29 Transl. into English by JPRS.

"Micro-organisms have been cultured from a specimen of the Sikhot- Alin' meteorite (the Soviets claiming this is the first time a LIVING CULTURE has been isolated from a meteorite). The culture of "meteoritic rods" is similar to cultures of bacteria obtained from the terrestrial mineral ozocerite." (I make no claims, I only report what this document states in this case.)

---- James E. Hartman - CaluNET - Future Science Admin.

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I don't think there is sufficient evidence for this 'sudden' LIFE ON MARS idea to make such a big deal out of all this. And NASA in past years is always on the verge of losing more funding, so they do have a VESTED interest in promoting public attention towards space (which is part of what they are FOR).

If they would investigate gravity from a PUSH perspective, we would be exploring and colonizing in a matter of years, not decades using the current primitive REACTION rockets.

The best modern researcher into PUSH Gravity is Walter Wright, 732 Ohio Street, Fairfield, California, 94533 - (707) 429-0598. Did you know there is not ONE single experiment to 'prove' that gravity is a PULL, yet Walter has come up with over 200 experiments, using magnetic repelling fields to emulate the PUSH effect. These repelling fields let you see how all kinds of phenomena can be explained with PUSH GRAVITY. He has a series of MARVELOUS video tapes (about 28) that demonstrate these experiments. When I first heard about him, I thought, what a joke, but watch Tape #13. It shows what causes TIDES and it'll slap you sideways. The other taped experiments simply confirm the concept. Dr. Hans Nieper and his Tachyon field theories also verify that we are created and sustained by an inflow of 'something' which we at KeelyNet refer to as Aether. If you are in the California area, give Walter a call and he'll give you a tour of his 'Push Gravity Museum', it is very thought-provoking and Walter is beyond cool.

I've long promoted the idea that the human race came from Mars, destroyed it (like we are now destroying Earth) and colonized the Earth. Why is Man the only warm blooded mammal without a Penile Bone? And why do people confined in an artificial light environment go to a 25 hour day? A Martian day is about 25.1 hours, is it not likely that cellular memory would revert to the cycles under which they were formed when deprived of Earth based day/night cues?

Want more evidence of a probable NASA SCAM?

From Business Week - August 26, 1996

NASA's 800-Pound Gorilla

For years, NASA has shrugged off scientists' predictions of BIG COST OVERRUNS on the $17 BILLION space station, which would then EAT INTO THE BUDGETS for OTHER space projects. But now, the agency's CLAIMS that the station can be built within its original allocation are RINGING HOLLOW. Problems with the structural integrity of key station parts will be costly to fix. So NASA may have to tap into money that had been earmarked to build science facilities.