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Telepathic Email in time for Y2K - 03/08/99

03/14/99 *** Notice *** - KeelyNet will soon be changing to a different host, to be completed on March 31st, 1999. At that time, the discussion list will be archived and a new one begun, all current subscribers will be automatically changed. With the new host will come several hundred megabytes of webspace which will let us finally upload the complete KeelyNet BBS files from its beginning in 1988 up to its demise as a BBS in February 1996. These files, zipped, take up a surprising total ONLY of about 11MB since they are all in text form. They will be free to download for anyone to use or study. This way, if you find them of use, you have the choice of just taking them or hopefully.....making an optional donation rather than being denied them by charging outright. That is in the original and ongoing spirit of KeelyNet, relying on people to share as they feel so inclined. We will also have a completely new look, with all of the website searchable. I want to thank those who have kindly sent in donations to contribute toward these changes. Not through yet, but things are cooking. Stay tuned, once the website is redesigned, there will be some cool stuff placed online including totally new material, one set of plans (at least) and several short video clips of various claimed phenomena that you will enjoy. The clips might take a bit as I'm learning a lot of new stuff here, but I'm hoping people will find the results enlightening....>>> Jerry

Microwave/Water Engine? - 02/27/99

International Tesla Society Bankrupt - 02/21/99

April FE Conference SSN Requirement Rescinded!! - 02/21/99

01/31/99 - Time for the KeelyNet Website Renewal!

If you use KeelyNet on any kind of regular basis or you have found our information of use, please consider making a contribution to help keep us online for another year. If everyone who calls would just contribute the cost of one meal (McDonalds at that..) we would have more than enough to keep the website online and upgrade our abilities. We will soon be posting two more fascinating documents, one has CONSTRUCTION PLANS and are considering adding some video clips of interesting devices or phenomena. So, if you might like to contribute to support the KeelyNet, make out your check or money order to Jerry Decker and send to KeelyNet, PO BOX 870716, Mesquite, TX 75187 - your contributions and comments are most appreciated, thanks!..>>> Jerry

01/31/99 - Vapor Carburetor History
01/31/99 - Gunnerman Patent with comments

the above information provides details for running any internal combustion engine on a mix of as much as 70% water with 30% gasoline!

Amazing NEW Inertialless Energy Generator! - 07/18/98

07/15/98 - The Best Keely Book is ON SALE NOW!
Illuminet Ordering Page - ($19.95 + $2.00 shipping)

More Keely Info from Dale Pond's SVP site

06/21/98 - Pain Control Formula & Asthma Relief?

06/23/98 - Response to Crazies & Skeptics

04/25/98 - April 98' WIRED article & permutations

04/02 - Finally, off-the-shelf Vibrational Medicine?
using the Harmonic Translation System
a hardware synthesis of kinesiology, sound and light therapy, radionics and homeopathy, if it works as described, it is the 'electronic pharmacy' and 'virtual medicine' we have been seeking.

Groups who sponsor Conferences - 02/30/99

Exotic Research
International Tesla Society - BANKRUPT!
Institute for New Energy (INE)
Global Sciences - Denver

As of 01/03/98, in consideration for privacy, all emails or information shared with KeelyNet that are used in files will be titled anonymous UNLESS the author REQUESTS credit.

Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority. - Bacon

If you see things as they ARE, you can never CREATE anything.
*** from prolific inventor and ideamaster - Chuck Foley ***


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A Thought - 12/29/97

Keely on Gnosticism
Keely on Force
Sentient Meat - 11/04/97
NO Rights - 12/08/97
Die Broke - 01/09/98


You CLAIM it, you must PROVE IT - 02/11/98
Publicly Shared F/E Experimenter Circuits - 02/13/98

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Antitime and its effects - 03/07/98

Technology Shareware Proposal - 11/21/97

Time Traveller CHALLENGE - 01/13/98

Sign up for the New P.O.R.E. Orgonomy Discussion List - 01/19/98

GET A $25 VIDEO of the Farnsworth FUSOR
with theory & operation by Richard Hull

Farnsworth FUSION document - 01/04/98
fusion practically achieved more than 30 years ago

01/26/98 - January 1998 Emails / January 1998 Roundtable Notes

Goal: Orffyreus Engine running in 1998?

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New Antigravity Journal - 09/09/97
Finally! a PURELY antigravity magazine!
Interesting comment from James Cox - 09/20/97

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Sad News
On Monday, August 24th at 4:48AM
Cheyenne Turner, founder of the Eclectic Viewpoint, passed on. Cheyenne's Eclectic Viewpoint as she envisioned it, is NO MORE! Despite what you read from the mailing list, don't be fooled read part of the truth here! or ask her close friends what she frequently told them.