F/E Demo in Philadelphia

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Date: Sat, 14 Sep 1996 02:25:52 -0700 / From: Margaret Pinyan / Organization: Sedona Internet Services, Inc.

Subject: Dennis Lee's 9/23/96 Declaration of Energy Independence in Philadelphia

Dear Dr. Bailey, Tonight I have been looking for free-energy sites on the Internet to see if anyone has yet put out publicity for the upcoming Philadelphia meeting of Dennis Lee. I have seen his demonstrations here in Sedona in February and recently in Phoenix, and heard him in Salt Lake City in November 1992. I am impressed with his sincerity, honesty and bravery, but most of all his simplified and exhaustive demonstrations. I cannot make it to Philly, but perhaps many others can. I will type the letter I received today:


Let me begin by thanking you for coming to our recent Declaration of Energy Independence show. The response nationwide has been tremendous. We met tens of thousands of our fellow countrypersons. At our Las Vegas show we got a very pleasant surprise. Professor Yull Brown, the inventor of Brown's Gas and the man I told you has the technology to neutralize nuclear waste showed up and sat in the front row. I had the privilege of introducing him to the audience after we demonstrated his technology and I had announced that he had the capability of neutralizing radioactive waste. The crowd of over one thousand people got to their feet in a spontaneous response and gave him a standing ovation! I have never been so proud of the American people in my life! I had begged Professor Brown not to give up on the American people and that display went a long way toward renewing his faith in us. In fact, when he got up on stage he said something that shocked us all, and that is the reason for his announcement.

Professor Yull Brown announced that he was going to come to our show in Philadelphia and that he was going to show up with the technology to neutralize nuclear waste and demonstrate the process for the American people. He further announced that he would then work with us to eliminate all nuclear waste in this country. Then he told us that there is a location in the United States right now where there is a lot of radioactive waste stored and that if there was a mishap in that location the devastation would be so great that not one living thing would survive in all of the United States, Canada and Mexico. All signs of life would vanish for over 1000 years! He promised to prove that to us all in Philadelphia as well as the fact that all the radioactive waste can be neutralized.

It is pretty shocking to imagine that the government has been willing to expose us all to that risk. The government and the private sector are currently trying to sell the people on spending 400 billion dollars trying to dispose of the radioactive waste. They will not be pleased with what we are going to show the people at Philadelphia. Professor Brown is still willing to come show it and may be risking his life for all of us. Since he made a commitment to us, we have made a commitment too and rented a stadium in Philadelphia for our final show at which we intend to announce America's Declaration of Energy Independence. I had vowed to Professor Brown that the American people would stand behind him if he would use his technology to neutralize the radioactive waste in this country. He was very impressed with the people at the Vegas show. After the show he and I made plans for his appearance in Philadelphia and I promised him that we would rent a stadium and fill it with people to witness the event, which would give him some public exposure to provide protection for him from dirty politics. We have rented the CoreState Center at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. It is the stadium where the Philadelphia Flyers play hockey and where the '76ers play basketball. It will seat 19,000 people. If we can pack that stadium, this will be a fitting way to end our tour at the show where we intend to make our Declaration of Energy Independence and announce ourselves as the People's Department of Energy. Who knows, maybe the media will even be embarrassed into covering the event.

If you are pleased that there is finally someone who intends to champion inventors, fight the suppression of technologies in the USA, and put an end to the dangerous nuclear waste and fossil fuels cherished by corporate American's Department of Energy, then there is another thing you can do to help us. At the show you attended we asked you to call ahead and have people you know come to our shows as we came to their areas.

You all did such a marvelous job that we had standing-room only shows just about everywhere. We ran a few ads in the Spotlite newspapaer, and that's about all the advertising we did. If you remember the cartoon* of our plan, then I want to say, "Great job, Grog!" I need to ask you for something else in the way of support. If you want to help us, the very best thing you could do would be to do anything you can to get people to that meeting in Philadelphia. We need to pack that stadium! We did not plan on doing this, but if Professor Brown has the courage to come forward and put himself at risk for us, this is the least we can do. We need to let him know we want what he has to offer us. If everyone that came to all the other shows was able to get to this one, then we would easily pack the stadium. If all those who want to help us save free enterprise and make our country safe will do all they can to promote this event, maybe we can fill that stadium. If you could call everyone you know (especially on the East Coast), get the invitation on the internet, fax it to organizations and then come yourself if that is possible, it will help more than you can imagine. We were asking for a mandate from the people. I cannot imagine more proof of the will of the people in this than to pack that stadium on this short notice. Let's do it for our children, our ancestors, and for ourselves!

I believe our nuclear problems in this country are over. The demonstration will be perfectly safe and there will be nuclear physicists on hand to witness and supervise the demonstration. If you can come, when Professor Brown neutralizes radioactive waste, you will be a part of history. We also have some major demonstrations planned for this show. We will run the completed engine and demonstrate a whole lot more than we did at the little show you attended. There will be very little talking and a whole lot more technology. I do not want to reveal everything that we intend to prove, but it will be worth the trip to come to see it. If you were shocked by what we already showed you, prepare to be far more shocked. We will also extend our offer of a free electric machine on the homes of all who attend, at no cost to them for the device and at no charge for their electricity. To sign up for that one is a good reason for them to come. Of course you are already signed up, but you can see the engine modification that will be in your car soon. Come and be a part of America's Declaration of Energy Independence!

Please help us help our country . . . God bless you and America! Dennis M. Lee (American)

*A cartoon depicting a caveman standing in 3 feet of water on the ocean shore, with a line tied around his waist, the other end held by another caveman, Grog, on the cliff above who is wielding a spear but paralyzed with fright by the huge eye of the enormous whale about to chomp on his friend. The terrified bait is shouting to his frightened friend, "Now, Grog, now!"

Dennis explained that he was willing to be the bait, which is the dangerous place to place yourself, and that the rest of us--Grog--would be safe on the cliff. But we would be absolutely necessary to the success of the venture, and the timing is crucial.

Dr. Patrick, I agree with your motto from Yoda: "Do or do not. There is no 'try.'" Would you please do what you can to notify everyone you know about this?

One last item: The meeting is at 7:30 p.m. 9/23 at CoreStates Spectrum, 3601 S. Broad St., Philadelphia.

A flyer accompanied the above letter. It contains little new info except the address for Better World Technology: 3002 Rt. 23 North, Newfoundland, NJ 07435.

I am editor of The Sedona Journal of Emergence and have for years known that free energy should be making its presence known in the nineties. Now really is the time, and if this is successful, all the other inventors will be much safer and we can really create a world that many of us have envisioned for a long time.

Many inventors have already given Dennis their plans; he says that there are five completely different free-energy devices that he knows of and that the others (besides his own) are beyond present-day physics. Other people have helped make his super heat pump the core of an understandable, practical and presently ready machine to provide truly free energy for homes and cars (no moving parts, no exhaust, essentially miniaturized).

His reference to the media relates to the fact that of the hundreds of government officials, congresspersons, executives of power companies and the media that he invited to his March 5, 1996 presentation in Washington D.C. designed to give the power structure an apportunity to join this venture, only 11 people showed up, including one media person whose magazine he's never heard of. Subsequently he had hand-delivered to every important Washington official and energy czar a videotape of that presentation and an invitation for cooperation that gave 30 days for a reply. No one replied. After that, the action began to get the show on the road, meaning the 2000 dealers--people who had supported him over the years--were now free to quickly go ahead with manufacturing, installation and distributor plans. He announced in Phoenix that products would be available before the end of December.

That's about as much as I can give you now. Thank you for your attention.

Margaret Pinyan - mpinyan@sedona.net

Vanguard Sciences note

The following is a series of messages that relate to Dennis Lee and his claims.

I (Jerry Decker), met Lee years ago at a Global Sciences Congress in Denver around 1990. At that time, Lee had just been released from prison and I attended his presentation to see what he was about. My perception then was that Lee is a very charismatic and magnetic speaker who can easily sway an audience through linkages to emotion and patriotism.

At that presentation, a fellow stood up and accused Lee of ripping him off for $5000 and wanted to take him outside and beat the crap out of him. I spoke to this fellow (initials B.D. but I can't put his name here) and he said many others he knew had also been ripped off and Lee should have been locked away for a very long time. Because he kept disrupting the show, he was escorted out.

I did not hear much of Lee over the next few years, then he resurfaced with the Better World project. You might also ask Bruce Perreault (nuenergy@juno.com) what he knows about Lee and what happened up in the Northeastern US under one Lee's 'other names'..

The Better World bunch hosted a Dallas presentation a few months back with Lee as the chief speaker, he was still charismatic. One of our local friends asked Mrs. Lee where he could buy the Fischer engine Lee spoke of. She said since it cost $1000 per horsepower to make, and it was an 80HP motor, it would cost $80,000. She also said they only sold books, tapes and the partnerships for $10,000 each. These'partnerships' were to grant sales distribution rights 'when' products were ready to come to market. Since Lee has been around and public for at least 6 years with nothing happening in the way of tangible products (along with several others who start off with a bang, then live off that initial reputation), I would be truly astounded if Lee EVER provides detailed information, kits or products that would be available to the public.

Based on past information, I would not put a dime towards any of his operations. Maybe he will come up with something and I hope he does, if nothing else to vindicate past activities. Good luck but it hasn't started snowing in hell just yet....

I did not keep a copy of the date of the first message that follows.

Tort -....Yes, I got one in the mail also (announcement of the demonstration in Philadelphia)...his 'demos' are compressed air running an air motor to run a generator to power light bulbs until the air runs out....equivalent to Don Smith (Houston) demos using a battery feeding an invertor to run an oscillating fan....dammit, it ain't overunity or free energy....they say it is 'analogous'...well, more precisely, they say, 'it's kinda like'.....free energy....geez....if they got it, then why can't they show the real thing working or sell the flipping things or the plans if they don't want to build...another thing that really gets me about Lee...he goes off on God, country, Mom, apple pie, conspiracy of government/industry keeping him down...and people actually get diverted from thinking about the bullshit in the demonstrations by this claptrap and actually stand up and clap for him!!!

Kind of like a religious fervor....talk about suck....so let'em get ripped off for the $10,000 partnership he offers so that they TOO can be a distributor of his stuff WHEN (if ever) it is commercially ready....same as Stan Meyers....puhlease.....is this too negative, ya think?? Just the truth from what I've seen of this guy and his live 'demonstrations'...........

Retort - ...Well gentlemen, time will tell. I for one would like to believe there are still patriots in this great Republic that, like the founding fathers, are more interested in resurrecting this once great Republic rather than fat bank accounts in off shore banks.

If Dennis is a fraud, you won't have long to wait to get a chuckle at my expense and the other 1700 dealers (at last count). If Dennis is for real, jump aboard and join us in returning true power to We the People, not as a dealer, for there will only be 2000 dealers ever, but as a fellow American.

I just joined this group two days ago and all I really see posted is people crabbing about what is wrong, not much being offered in the way of solutions. Information is vital, this is true, but even if a small group of people are privy to the multitude of disgusting secrets of this and past administrations, that and a buck will by you a cup of coffee. I think most in this group realizes that a small band of elites rule this world, from communist China, to IBM clear down to you local Mayor as well as everything in between. They got there from a lack of people willing to STOMP on sensitive toes, through the apathy, greed and ignorance of We the People.

If I lose 10 grand, so what, I'll take that bet any day to possibly be part of the catalyst that awakens the sleeping giant known as We the People.

When that happens my friends, they will not be worried about their damn sensitive toes, they will become very concerned with their new hemp neckties.

Tort -...When Lee actually produces equipment one can buy, even from a distributor AND that WORKS, then its a whole new ballgame.....

I hear what you are saying about the small power elite but I don't have any direct or personal experience with such things, so whether it is true or not remains to be seen.

Bottomline, the real researchers are expecting to see people behave responsibly with honesty and some degree of integrity with regard to claims. It either works or it doesn't, science pure and simple. When the one unit comes out (whether free energy or gravity control), it will set up a chain reaction of related discoveries that will continue to expand for many years. In that process, our lives and our world will be transformed beyond anything we could even imagine today.

I hope Lee can actually produce something to sell, he is one of many who are at least promoting the subject. If he'd cut the crutches (mom, apple pie, patriotism, religion and all the falderal), maybe he could get somewhere in a practical sense. Same thing happens with church, dazzle 'em to lull their ability to think....interesting, eh, charismatics is after all a form of mind control for those who MUST BELIEVE in something....seeya!

Retort -....Thanks for your input. The engine modifications will be released on September 24, 1996, the day after the last show in Philly. If you would like your car/truck engine modified for approx. $ 1,500, with no loss in power and no need to change your oil again much less ever have to stop at a gas station for more than a cold drink or to use the john, let me know. I will refer you to a dealer in the great Republic of Texas.

Kick back and watch the show, many events are just around the corner and will blow this democracy to hell. The Republic will rise again.

Vanguard Sciences notes on September 22th, 1996 prior to posting on the website.

We shall see. If so many people have devices which they believe work, why is it they are still not available through mail at the very least. I would even drive out to pick one up (after testing its validity). The O/U competition will ferret out the truth of a WORKING DEVICE without all the smoke and mirrors and it will happen in front of a host of concerned people who just want to cut through the crap.

Most of us know overunity can be practically achieved and we should all take on the role of the doubting Thomases of the world to try to keep the field clean for the real contestants, not just the ones who seed the field with grenades of suspicion, paranoia, patriotism and religion into the mix as crutches that tap into emotion.

If someone claims they can do something like produce free energy or alter gravity in a mass, CHALLENGE IT and ask for an opportunity to test it FOR YOURSELF!

Like the guy who sells the ORIC vacuum cleaner says, don't buy it unless you have TRIED IT and are happy with how it works.