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Excerpted from the January 1997 issue of Electronics Now, in which Don Lancaster wrote the following in his Tech Musings column;

Debunking Techo-Myths,
Linear-Phase Digital Filters, and More

- Techno-myths are also what some might term 'that which is not so'.
- Are there several independent and personally verifiable primary sources?
- Is there an unambiguous experiment that will clearly cause the effect to reveal itself?
- I have long been a fan of all these techno-myths.

We've got new links to everybody, including Saucer Smear, Skeptical Enquirer, and KeelyNet. In fact, KeelyNet has made me their resident skeptic, whatever that means.

It so happens, I agree with Don's approach to 'claims' that cannot be proven by others. All any alternative researcher asks is for people to keep an open mind to new ideas or concepts and possibly to offer constructive criticism.

Is not true science quite simple, observe, come up with a theory on what is happening, followed by a hypothesis on how to prove it by an experiment, do the experiment several times, if it works, tell others and let them see if they get the same results. If their experiment gets the same results you achieved, then the concept is proven, period.

Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 18:29:33 - 0800
From: Jerry
Organization: KeelyNet
To: Don Lancaster (
Subject: Howdy!

Hi Don!

Just read your last article in Electronics Now on techno-myths....hey, I agree with you about 'claim's', that is why the tongue-in-cheek moniker of 'resident skeptic'.....your complaints are the same as ours, by god, it either works or doesn't and the only way it can be proven is if it can be duplicated by others. Another thing that gets me is when some esoteric circuit or mechanical arrangement pops up that requires special or very hard to find parts.

What we are looking for is phenomena (over-unity, reduction of weight, inertial dampening, etc.) that can produced at will using essentially off the shelf components, probably in a novel circuit or a hybrid mechanical/electronic system.

Once such a circuit has been tested, it will be posted and otherwise circulated with a large network of interested people who can build and test it on their own. If it works as claimed, then the construction information will spread like wildfire around the world.

Such a scheme would seed the world for other advances, some based on the original circuit, others as offshoots of it to produce other associated phenomena.

That is why there are all these references on KeelyNet to time, gravity, aether, aging, inertia, etc. They are related and one affects each of the others to a certain degree.

The basic idea is that aether can be redirected to produce weight loss, reduction of inertia and time variations in the subject mass. Many in our group believe that a 'well' of lesser density aether will result in loss of weight in that mass. Intensifying the aether flow into a mass will cause it to become heavier.

This is what we are seeking to achieve by experimentation, using phase conjugate principles to create a 'scalar' bubble (a soliton) in a mass (Keely's neutral centre). The idea is that aether will be deflected from the normal mass inflow, creating a zone of intensifed gravity, yet in the presence of the affected mass, the aether will be less and so will the weight of the mass.

I think I told you about the dream I had where you put on a belt we had built and it floated you to the ceiling of the room. In the dream, you were shouting, 'I believe it' over and over until we got you down.

After that, you became a very positive supporter of alternative research because you had experienced the phenomena first hand (and of course we gave you the circuit and theory to back it up).

Anyway, that is why I think you have a part to play in what is to come. I am not going New Age on you, just that many people are very interested in these areas because of how they would change our society and the world in general.

Imagine, producing all the power you need at your own site, either reducing the weight (and inertia) of a mass to fly with only propulsion needed or to make it float (Edgar Cayce said 'Stone floats in air as iron floats on water.'....we found this to be a reference to the prophet Elisha causing an iron axehead to float from the bottom of the river Jordan to the surface, simply by inserting a rod in the water and doing something else, a prayer? that was unspecified to make the axehead float).

It is possible and we are doing our damndest to make it a reality, and believe it, when we get and prove such a circuit, you are at the top of the list to share it with. Have fun and thanks for the mention....though I would have liked you to include the website address........seeya on the ceiling!

Jerry W. Decker / / "From an Art to a Science"
Voice : (214) 324-8741 / KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501
KeelyNet - PO BOX 870716 - Mesquite, Republic of Texas - 75187

How about dropping Don a line and showing him how many people think like this, that we'll never know if we don't try to prove these things?

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