KeelyNet Convergence 2001 - June 16/17 - Dallas
alternative science and hardware conference
Last Updated 05/18/01
Admission - $130.00

The Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Select at Stemmons and LBJ;
Map to the hotel
Free Airport to Hotel Shuttle
2645 LBJ Freeway - Hotel Code DALGW
Dallas, TX 75234-7301

For Local Reservations call 972-243-3363 from 8AM to 6PM CST
Free Shuttle Service to/from the hotel - FAX: 972-234-3961

There are also two Motel 6 locations about 1/2 mile east of the Holiday Inn where rooms run about $40 per night, here is the contact info but you'd have to get transport to the hotel from there;

Superpages listing with maps

Motel 6
2753 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75234
(972) 620-2828

Motel 6
2660 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75234
(972) 484-9111

Questions? - email Jerry Decker or call/FAX 214-324-3501

Speaker Bios/Photos and Schedule by the day - 03/28/01

The conference is focused primarily on pulse motors such as the EVGray and Kontzen versions which will be shown.

The second half of the conference deals with the production and uses of 'HydrOxy' gas (called Browns gas), geometrics (shape power) as waveguides to produce various effects, as well as various anomalies and a patented device claimed to directly interact with the aura in order to produce healing effects.

Scheduled speakers;

1 - Norman Wootan - will bring two of the original EV Gray motors and the repulsor disc, also Patrick Gray, Ed Grays son will give a brief talk about his fathers work and the mystery around his death.

2 - Peter Lindeman - will discuss his connection between Tesla's 'Electro-Radiant Effect' and the patented EV Gray power conversion tube.

3 - Doug Konzen - will discuss and demonstrate his Pulse Motor which appears to produce overunity, he will also have books, videos, cds, kits and motors for sale in the bookstore.

4 - George Wiseman - will discuss and demonstrate the Browns gas generators he has been experimenting with and now manufactures.

5 - Bill Beaty - will discuss alternative science, weird science and demonstrate various devices that he will be bringing.

6 - Jim Cox - will discuss inertial drive and antigravity research as well as demonstrate a small inertial drive engine.

7 - Lee Crock - will discuss and demonstrate his Reiki method of enhancing the aura for healing as well as his patented machine.

8 - Jerry Decker - will discuss connections and correlations between quantum nanostructures and gravity, energy and time as well as some alt science items.

9 - Dan Davidson - will discuss and demonstrate his gravity wave detector research and his discoveries with shape power along with the correlations to quantum nanostructures.

There will also be an hour or so at the end of Sunday for surprise demonstrations. Contact Jerry Decker if you plan on bringing something so we can arrange a demonstration time.

As you can see, the emphasis for the KeelyNet conference is on hardware so we've tried to get knowledgeable speakers with machines to show and/or demonstrate during the Sunday workshops.

Here is a rundown with links that might be more informative;

For those thinking about coming to the KeelyNet Convergence 2001 conference,

Dr. Peter Lindeman will be speaking about his correlation of an unusual Tesla discovery called the Electro-Radiant Effect (ERE) and with the power conversion tube used in the EV Gray demonstrations and described in his patents.

Updates for this June 16/17 conference in Dallas are posted at;

there will be two of the original EV Gray motors presented and explained by veteran researcher Norman Wootan;

a demonstration of the Konzen motor by inventor Doug Konzen which uses a similar pulsed effect (his webpage followed by Naudin's tests);

and Patrick Gray (Grays son) give his views on his fathers work.

Other speakers will be;

Bill Beaty of the fabulous amateur and weird science networks at;

George Wiseman eplaining Browns Gas and giving demonstrations of this fascinating implosive burning phenomen that produces WATER when the flame is run across the hand yet cuts metal and bonds materials that won't normally weld because it is an IMPLOSIVE FLAME (I call it a 'molecular zipper') as found at;

Original discovery of 'Brown's gas' by Dr. William A. Rhodes as ripped off by Yull Brown;

Dan Davidson with his gravity wave detector based on the original discoveries of Joe Parr and with new discoveries by Dan and the many phenomena associated with shape power, such as producing a weak magnetic field from a piece of paper folded in a specific shape for starters;

Lee Crock showing and demonstrating his Reiki based healing technology that has so intrigued us, Lee claims to have treated in excess of 10,000 people at his now closed facility (but soon to re-open) from around the world with amazing results and has a patented machine that produces the effect electronically as posted at;

The Lindeman video is very informative and provides a circuit based on the Tesla and Gray patents and the Tesla insights which people are now working on. The video and book can be ordered from;

Additional information to get you up to speed on this intriguing Electro-Radiant effect;

many reports on EV Gray technology and why this work is so important;

and Jim Cox, editor and published of the Antigravity and Space Drive newsletter, will give us an update on current inertial drive engine reserach with the successful replication of the Bull device. Jim will also demonstrate a small working inertial drive model.

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