The Neutral Center and the Aether Spectrum - 08/21/90
for KeelyNet by Jerry W. Decker - updated 03/01/00

This file describes my long standing view of how aether creates and sustains all matter and energy manifestations. Some quotes are taken from the book 'Aerial Navigation' by Clara Bloomfield Moore.


Aether is the finest but also the most energy dense substance which Man has yet conceived. It permeates all of space and through its many divisions, creates and SUSTAINS all matter and energy.

Aether can be so divided as to generate ever lower frequencies with resultant aggregations of energy, force and matter. Just as a prism separates white light (many combined frequencies) into what we perceive as single frequencies, so too can we use the phenomena of interference (collisions with other frequencies), to cause aether and other frequencies to be produced and manipulated to generate energy, matter and various 'effects'.

Harmony & Interference

A knowledge of the laws of Harmony can be intelligently used to generate interferences (collisions) in the Aether in a positive or negative manner.

Positive (constructive) interferences add to and multiply while Negative (destructive) interferences subtract from and divide frequencies. This means that we have a spectrum of creation generated from the divisions of the Aether which can be shown by the following :

   Aether slowed down and extended yields
       Magnetism slowed down and extended yields
            Electricity slowed down and extended yields
                Light slowed down and extended yields
                   Heat slowed down and extended yields
                       Sound slowed down and extended yields
                           Physical Vibration slowed down and extended yields

Cascading forcefalls of Aether divide to generate infinite lower
frequency interference patterns which form the Universe and all Creation.

Trinity and Signatures

A fundamental frequency is generated and sustained by two other frequencies which each in turn are generated and sustained by two other frequencies, ad infinitum..

          2         3
       4    5     6   7 
This pattern continues throughout the physical and energy body of an individualized structure and is the basis of the SACRED TETRACTYS (10 points) of the Greeks.

              * *
             * * *
            * * * *
We can now see how tuning to the Fundamental will give a certain degree of "sympathy" to a mass aggregation. This appears to be the basis for the trinity as manifest in all creation in the physical forms of PUSH, PULL AND BALANCE. As we tune to successively finer frequencies IN ADDITION to those preceding, we find progressively more precise sympathetic linking to allow remote stimulation and control of the target aggregation.

Mass Aggregations

Keely in his researches came to the conclusion that all masses consisted of multiple aggregations of various size which follow these patterns :

  • Mass Aggregations - which consists of Molecules
  • Molecules - which consists of Inter-Molecules
  • Inter-Molecules - which consists of Atoms
  • Atoms - which consists of Inter-Atoms
  • Inter-Atoms - which consists of Aether
  • Aether - which consists of Inter-Aether
  • Inter-Aether - which consists of Compound Inter-Aether

Each mass aggregation collectively possesses a Neutral Centre which is the synthesis of all associated Neutral Centres on successive levels of individualization. For example, the Inter-Atomic possesses a Neutral Centre, (as do all individualized units as shown above).

When many Inter-Atomic units combine, the total combined Neutral Centres of each unit will 'collectively form' an additional and 'new' single Neutral Centre which then becomes the Atomic in the next highest order of evolution. When many Inter-Atomic units combine (each of which has its own Neutral Centre), a single Neutral Centre comes into being as a COLLECTIVE SYNTHESIS of all the separate units to form a new EVOLVED structure now known as the Atomic.

This ADDITIVE principle works throughout Creation to allow the synthesis (and its opposite - analysis/breakdown/division) of all preceding Neutral Centres on quantum levels of individualization in the form of Atoms joining to create Molecules which in turn join to form Mass Aggregations such as Rocks, Trees, Planets, etc..

The Neutral Centre

Mr. Keely illustrates his idea of "a neutral centre" in this way:

"We will imagine that, after an accumulation of a planet of any diameter - say, 20,000 miles more or less, for the size has nothing to do with the problem - there should be a displacement of all the material, with the exception of a crust 5000 miles thick, leaving an intervening void BETWEEN this crust and a centre of the size of an ordinary billiard ball, it would then require a force AS GREAT TO MOVE THIS SMALL CENTRAL MASS AS IT WOULD TO MOVE THE SHELL OF 5000 miles thickness.

Moreover, this small central mass would carry the load of this crust for ever, keeping it EQUI-DISTANT; and there could be no opposing power, HOWEVER GREAT, that could bring them together. The imagination staggers in contemplating the immense load WHICH BEARS UPON THIS POINT OF CENTRE, WHERE WEIGHT CEASES. This is what we understand by a neutral centre."

The Standing Wave of Matter

It is the flow of this aether/zpe as one or more frequencies into matter, where it is REFLECTED FROM THE CENTER to phase conjugate with incoming aether/zpe as shown in this standing wave animation.

The Neutral Centre can best be visualized as a drain through which Aether continually flows. The volume of the Aetheric flows throughout a structure are determined by the size of the Neutral Centre opening, exactly like increasing or decreasing the size of the drain in a tank of water. Control of the flow of Aether through this drain therefore determines the density and weight of a mass aggregation. The character, signature or virtual state pattern of the mass aggregation determines the nature of the interferences which present themselves to the flow of Aether into the Neutral Centre.

This mass nature not only determines what the elemental structure of a mass aggregation will be but also the properties exhibited. By altering the frequencies and phase relationships of a mass, we can change the weight, density and nature of the mass by reducing or increasing the Neutral Centre opening to the flow of Aether. Aether flow into a mass aggregate neutral center can effectively 'capture' other mass aggregations, causing them to be caught in the greater flow, to create what is called 'gravity'.

Keely continues by explaining HOW he managed to take advantage of the Neutral Centre principle to develop an Engine which was intended to run on Aetheric force;

"In the conception of any machine here-to-fore constructed, the medium for INDUCING a Neutral Centre HAS NEVER BEEN FOUND.

If it had, the difficulties of perpetual motion seekers would have ended, and this problem would have become an established and operating fact. It would only require an INTRODUCTORY IMPULSE of a few pounds, on such a device, TO CAUSE IT TO RUN FOR CENTURIES.

In the conception of my VIBRATORY ENGINE, I did NOT SEEK TO ATTAIN PERPETUAL MOTION; but A CIRCUIT IS FORMED THAT ACTUALLY HAS A NEUTRAL CENTRE, which is in a condition to be vivified by my VIBRATORY ETHER, and while under operation, by said substance, is really A MACHINE THAT IS VIRTUALLY INDEPENDENT OF THE MASS (OR GLOBE), and it is the wonderful velocity of the vibratory circuit which makes it so.

Still, with all its perfection, it requires to be fed with the VIBRATORY ETHER to make it AN INDEPENDENT MOTOR....."

Keely continues;

"The man who can, even in a simple way, appreciate this vast problem has been endowed by the Creator with one of the greatest gifts which He can bestow upon a mortal. It is well known that ALL STRUCTURES REQUIRE A FOUNDATION IN STRENGTH according to the weight of the mass they have to carry, but the foundations of the Universe REST ON A VACUOUS POINT FAR MORE MINUTE THAN A MOLECULE;

in fact, to express this truth properly, ON AN INTER-ETHERIC POINT, which requires an infinite mind to understand. To look down into the depths of an etheric centre is precisely the same as it would be to search into the broad space of heaven's ether to find the end; WITH THIS DIFFERENCE, that ONE IS THE POSITIVE FIELD, while the other IS THE NEGATIVE FIELD....."

Keely continues;

"In seeking to solve the great problems which have baffled me, from time to time, in my progressive researches, I have often been struck by the fact that I have, to all seeming, ACCIDENTALLY TRIPPED over their solution. The mind of man is not infinite, and it requires an infinite brain TO EVOLVE INFINITE POSITIONS. My highest power of concentration failed to attain the results which, at last, seeming accident revealed."

In comparing the TENUITY OF THE ATMOSPHERE with that of the ETHERIC FLOWS, obtained by Mr. Keely from his inventions for DISSOCIATING THE MOLECULES OF AIR BY VIBRATION, he says, "It is as platina (platinum) to hydrogen gas." in other words "Air is to Aether what Platinum is to Hydrogen gas."

Molecular separation of air brings us to the first subdivision only; inter-molecular, to the second; atomic, to the third; inter-atomic, to the fourth; etheric, to the fifth; and inter-etheric, to the sixth subdivision, or positive association with LUMINIFEROUS ETHER.

In my introductory argument I have contended that THIS IS THE VIBRATORY ENVELOPE OF ALL ATOMS. In my definition of atom I do not confine myself to the sixth subdivision, where this luminiferous ether is developed IN ITS CRUDE FORM, as far as my researches prove. I think this idea will be pronounced by physicists of the present day, a wild freak of the imagination.

Possibly, in time, a light may fall upon this theory that will bring its simplicity forward to scientific research. At present I can only compare it to some planet in dark space, where the light of the sun of science has not yet reached it... I assume that sound, like odour, is a real substance of unknown and wonderful tenuity, emanating from a body where it has been induced by percussion, and throwing out absolute corpuscles of matter - inter-atomic particles - with a VELOCITY OF 1120 FEET PER SECOND, IN VACUO 20,000 (feet per second).

The substance which is thus disseminated is a part and parcel of the mass agitated, and IF KEPT UNDER THIS AGITATION CONTINUOUSLY WOULD, in the course of a certain cycle of time, become thoroughly absorbed by the atmosphere; or, more truly, would pass through the atmosphere to an ELEVATED POINT OF TENUITY CORRESPONDING TO THE CONDITION OF SUBDIVISION (i.e., molecular, atomic, etc...) that governs its liberation from its parent body. The sounds that vibratory forks, SET SO AS TO PRODUCE ETHERIC CHORDS, while disseminating their compound tones permeate most thoroughly ALL SUBSTANCES that come under the range of their atomic bombardment.

Vanguard Note... The above reference opens a most interesting "new" discovery in regard to Keely's work which we have never realized. It indicates that any mass can be caused to vibrate at chords which directly correlate and sympathize with the Ether, atomic, molecular, etc... level. This means there are SPECIFIC CHORDS WHICH ARE ATTUNED TO DIFFERENT LEVELS OF SUBDIVISIONS OF INDIVIDUALIZATION and which can be achieved throughout the spectrum (sonic included). This is quite fascinating and points to an understanding of a quite different order.

Keely continues... The clapping of a bell in vacuo liberates these atoms with the same velocity and volume as one in the open air; and were the agitation of the bell kept up continously for a few million centuries, it would thoroughly return to its primitive element. If the chamber were hermetically sealed, and strong enough, the vacuous volume surrounding the bell would be brought to a pressure of many thousands of pounds to the square inch, by the tenuous substance evolved.

In my estimation, SOUND TRULY DEFINED IS THE DISTURBANCE OF ATOMIC EQUILIBRIUM, RUPTURING ACTUAL ATOMIC CORPUSCLES; AND THE SUBSTANCE THUS LIBERATED MUST CERTAINLY BE A CERTAIN ORDER OF ETHERIC FLOW. Under these conditions is it unreasonable to suppose that, if this flow were kept up, and the body thus robbed of its element, it would in time disappear entirely?