On the relationship between Dale and Jerry

Dale Pond's Keely Site

Finally I got the SVPVRIL site installed on KeelyNet. Sorry for the delay, just had forgotten to post the site. Despite the babblings of some mischief makers saying there was antipathy between Dale and I. I consider Dale a good friend and a key player in the entire alternative science movement.

For the record (and to squelch the babblers), Dale and I co-sponsored the 1st International Keely Symposium in Richardson and Dale has almost single handedly sponsored subsequent Keely Symposia. I could not get involved in these efforts mostly because they were in locations difficult for me to travel to at the time.

When we did the ZAP program in Dallas, I took a bus to Colorado Springs to meet Dale. We drove over to Denver IN HIS pickup, loaded up the leased Tesla coil, then took turns driving it down to Dallas, quite a tiring trip. Dale then helped Ron, Chuck and I set it up in the rented movie theater and provided much good advice on the project.

Yes, to be honest, we do have some difference of opinion on how Keely produced his phenomena, but the more views presented, the sooner the facts will come out through experiment. There is no hostility or animosity over such differences and it would be insane to allow such feelings to arise when we are all working toward common and Utopian ends.

One other item where Dale and I differ is on the patriot and conspiracy movements. I try to stay away from those subjects as I feel they are dissipative, but that is just personal preference on each of our parts, it is not a point of contention.

In our conversations, Dale does not linger on such subjects because he knows my reticence to get embroiled in such material, and I've always appreciated this attitude from him.

If you know Dale, then you know he has moved around quite a bit over the past few years. He is doing all he can to help duplicate Keelys work and has sacrificed his own comfort, both financially and personally to make this happen.

Because of the moving, we have not been in as close contact as in earlier years as I would have liked, however, we still discuss things when we see each other at conferences.

Dale has been working with our mutual friend Vic Hansen on duplicating the Keely Motor. He did an excellent presentation at the 1996 ITS on the current status of the project and they are quite well on the way to completing it. Please check out his site for details and updates.

Also, the SVPVRIL site provides much additional Keely information that I have listed on the KeelyNet BBS but not on the website. It has always been my concern that people would view KeelyNet as promoting ONLY Keely. NOT SO, in fact, the idea is to have a 'patron', i.e. Keely, and to collect/correlate/share information from many researchers that will point to an underlying schema.

Dale also follows this approach and points out several correlations between Edgar Cayce and Keely which dovetail quite nicely.

There is a quote which says there are many paths up the mountain, but all shall reach the sunlit snow at the summit.

I think we all should TRY to work together and support many different approaches and viewpoints, even if they differ from ones own. The bottomline is to share what you find....>>> Jerry W. Decker

Check out the SVPVRIL site!