Last update June 4th, 1996 - added ATLAGEN.HTM

I haven't had a lot of time recently to add to the website, so this is a brief assortment of files that are intriguing;

ATLAGEN.HTM - possible cold fission energy generation device

BOESE.HTM - nitrogen powered vehicle from the 60's and 70's

CLEM1.HTM - the Richard Clem 350hp engine

CLOUDBST.TXT - article on the danger of indiscriminate use of Reichian Cloudbusters

ANDERSEN.TXT - trying to get a handle on Bearden's Scalars

SCW.TXT - Qbasic program that gives dynamic illustrations of scalar waves with descriptions from Rick Andersen

BLASTER5.TXT - description of how to setup and use the BLASTER5.EXE program as based on Rife frequencies

BLASTER5.EXE - program containing many of the Rife frequencies, to be used with a modification to your computer speaker as detailed in BLASTER5.TXT

HOLT1.TXT - advanced propulsion technique using resonance principles by Dr. Alan Holt

CANCDIAB.TXT - interesting file on a Brazilian bark that is believed to alleviate cancer and diabetes

KLYANENT.TXT - a bit of information on John Keely and his experiments in resonance

MARS2.TXT - letter from Greg Hodowanek claiming contact with something on Mars

MAGPUMP.TXT - relates how fluids can be pumped using magnetic fields only

REPAIR.TXT - tips on how to repair electronic equipment (humor)

AIRMOTOR.TXT - information about an invention which claimed to burn air, three of these are known but we don't think any have been patented

MAGSLEEP.TXT - how waxing and waning magnetic fields allow for dynamic changes which eventually result in static patterns, Peter Kelly's 'energy as information'

PEARSON.TXT - British information about colliding or bucking like polarity waves together and the result of such actions

GNOSTIC.TXT - Keely views on mass aggregates, concordance and how it applies to human nature

TESSGRAV.TXT - comments on how gravity results from a pushing field which can be diverted or otherwise altered

STOWGRAD.TXT - comments on how a gradient field can be used to reduce 'gravity' and produce other anomalies

HUBBARD1.TXT - article on the Hubbard coil and how it functioned like a living organism, this was one of the solid state over-unity devices

HENDER1.TXT - some information on the Lester Hendershott over-unity system, another solid state unit

CHERNET1.TXT - basic information on the Russian over-unity device attributed to the late scientist Chernetskii

GRAVSHLD.TXT - thoughts on how gravity can be shielded

GASNOTES.TXT - thoughts on using other fuels than gasoline

HARDY1.HTM - a fascinating experiment with a Tesla coil, a crystal and a pyramid