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Hi Folks!

I wanted people to know something about the loss of a good
friend and researcher who I just found out about. If you
know who David Fasold is, you might want to read this, if
not, you might want to skip it.

'Intellectual brilliance is no guarantee against being dead
- David

Some of us had heard that our friend Noah's Ark researcher
David Fasold had passed away recently but had not been able
to confirm or refute it. I finally started trying to find
out what happened with David and here is what I found so


In case people here hadn't heard, Mr. Fasold passed away
earlier this year and will be sorely missed by a lot of
I am very saddened to hear this as David was a great guy and
a very thorough researcher. I first met David at a Global
Sciences Congress in about 1989 and we hit it off. He was a
fascinating man who could hold an audience or a person
spellbound with his magnetic personality, his extensive
knowledge and his enthusiasm.

When David later came to Dallas and stayed with Vendyl Jones
in Arlington, he called me and I brought him over to my
house where we discussed many things and he showed me one of
the instruments he used to determine the layout of the Ark
in Turkey. It was an oscillator attached to a coil connected
to a spike. It also had another coil with a spike along
with a set of electrified dowsing rods.

This was the first time I'd ever heard about or seen a
molecular frequency discriminator. I later got to calling
the main oscillator a 'Thumper' and the secondary coil the
'Reflector' for convenience. David said he was piloting a
small boat off the coast of Florida when a group of people
wanted to charter his boat for 'diving'. He said they would
go ashore on a beach, place the Thumper spike into the sand,
then setup the Reflector about 50 to 100 yard away.

They would make a puddle of seawater on his boat, stand in
it while holding these electrified dowsing rods, then have
him zig-zag back and forth as they made notes on a nautical
map. David was a very curious guy and asked them what they
were doing, but he said they rudely told him it was none of
his business, that he was just to drive the boat.

Finally afer a few days of this, they became more friendly
and started answering some questions. Eventually, he says
they made him promist that if he did not use what they
showed him IN THE WATER, they would explain it. Turns out
they were mapping locations of gold underwater for later
recovery based on their mapped positions.

David couldn't believe this and thought they were nuts even
when they let him hold the dowsing rods as the boat criss
crossed and he saw the rods cross seemingly on their own at
certain positions.

He could not believe there was really anything underwater,
so they said ok, let's prove it. They set the
Thumper/Reflector up and located a point out in the water
where two lines mapped during the zig-zag process,
triangulated to a point. Here they stopped the boat and as
I remember it, David said he suited up and dived down with
them. The water was only about 35-50 feet maximum. They
motioned to him to watch as they ran their hand through the
sand on the bottom and after a minute or so, a golden glint
appeared. When they pushed all the sand away, it turned out
to be the top half of a solid gold Parker pen. David was

He learned all he could about the technology and kept it in
mind for furture uses, later to use the device to help
pinpoint the iron spikes/heavy nails that held the Ark of
Noah together at the site in Turkey.

David showed me how it worked and I tried it myself. We
tested it on gold and silver and it located it. Later a
group of friends and I checked it in my backyard with iron,
silver, gold and later with with water. I am forever
grateful to David for showing me this interesting technology
though he warned it didn't always work which we found to be
true. It was enough to show some bizarre effect.

While David was staying with Vendyl, he introduced us and I
met Vendyls wife at the time Zehavah and one of their sons.
We talked at length and later Cheyenne and I attended a few
of Vendyls Sunday afternoon Torah classes. Vendyl invited
me to be his guest at a Geophysical Conference to which he
and David had been invited and where Vendyl was to be a
speaker, so of course I went as their technical advisor.

I remember it because David and I were sitting at a table
with Vendyls assistants and I noticed Vendyl did not eat
when the luncheon was served. David said Vendyl had food
allergies and if he took just two bites, he would keel over
into the food, so he was careful not to eat out in public.

I'd never heard of it and thought David was pulling my
leg...he loved to joke and cutup which was another endearing
aspect of his personality, so when I later asked Vendyl, he
confirmed that yes, he would fall asleep like that.

David was a bit of a rogue and another time when he was
visiting Vendyl, he called me up saying he was bored and
needed some excitement, that he wanted to go to a strip
club....I called a very, VERY proper friend of mine to come
over since David and I planned to talk awhile beforehand.
We had a very interesting discussion for about 2 hours and
David decided we should go.

I told my straight-laced friend that we were going to a
strip bar and he was perfectly welcome to join us...he was
AGHAST that I would even suggest that he would go to one of
THOSE PLACES, but David wanted to go so let's do
it....<g>..it was hilarious...geez, to have a couple of
beers and spend a few bucks, big deal....so I kept teasing
him that I'd not tell anyone, not even his wife and he would
not miss out on any of the discussion if he came
along...finally, he broke down and we drove over to Baby

It was so funny, the music was so loud that you could barely
hear anyone say anything at the table. My friend was
mortified and sat prim and proper, not even drinking water.
He was very uncomfortable and this was TOTALLY out of
character and unthinkable for him but that was how much
personality, charm and knowledge David Fasold exuded. We
stayed about an hour and at least two of us had a good time,
then left.

Another time, when David was in town, he came to our
Roundtable group when we met at a local JoJos...about 40
people could fit in the tiny room and David mesmerized
everyone there including the waitresses and even people
outside the open room. He even had petrified pieces of the
ARK which he passed around for us to examine, some with the
iron spikes, severely oxidized still in them which he has
removed from the site. David answered everyones questions
and evoked even more with his answers. It was a great
experience and we all enjoyed him thoroughly.

Cheyenne, late dear friend and founder of the TRUE Eclectic
Viewpoint that no longer exists, was also completely taken
with David and Vendyl so asked them to speak for the
Eclectic Viewpoint. The meeting was held at a local high
school auditorium and was very well attended with lots of
great information presented. David and Vendyl's works
definitely complemented each other so people were very
pleased with what they learned that night.

I took a driving vacation through California and wound up in
San Diego when David and his charming family lived in
Poway. So I stopped by to see him for awhile and we went to
a local sports bar to have dinner. We talked and he was
very disturbed because he said the publisher of his book had
ripped him off and there were people all over making money
using his material and research.

As a mark of integrity for David, we talked about all the
ripoff artists out there and the gullible people who
unwittinly support these conmen and women. He said if he
was a crook, he should get some old wood and sell it through
the tabloids as 'pieces of Noah's Ark'...kind of like those
idiot offers to buy a 'piece of the cross of Jesus'...he was
just joking and looking for whatever he could do to make
some honest money. He was either cleaning driveways with a
steam cleaning appartus or considering getting into the
business, I forget which.

I really felt bad for him, to have spent about $300,000 of
his own money and to see so much of it not coming back to
him. He also said it was causing a lot of friction and
hardship with his family and David was very conscientious of
his responsibilities and family from what I knew of him.

I believe that was the last time I actually saw David in
person though we spoke several times over the years on the
phone. The last time I spoke with David, he called and was
laughing, saying, 'this is Mountain Man Dave and you
wouldn't believe what I look like these days'...I laughed
along with him asking what the heck are you talking
about...he said he'd moved to I believe it was Oregon up on
the side of a mountain. I asked him where he got the money
to escape Poway and he said a documentary had been aired on
A&E using footage from his research without his
permission...that he had sued and won a good chunk of

David also said he was planning to fly down to Australia
where some TV network had also ripped off his work and he
was suing for damages. I was very pleased to hear he was
finally getting something back on his investment, even
though not in the exact way he intended. He was in a very
good mood, laughing and cutting up. I loved to ask him
questions as he always had the best answers and offered all
kinds of tie-ins I never suspected. David first introduced
me to the Sons of No'ach whose principles he said he

I guess I'm just remembering some of the great fun and
information David Fasold shared with me and those of us here
in Dallas. David opened up several new and fascinating areas
of study which I and I'm sure many others would not have
known and I am forever thankful to Dean Stonier for having
David as a speaker at his Global Sciences Congress (
http://www.globalsciences.com next one is in Houston on
March 2 ).

I dug out the Noahs Ark files and there are four which I
will have to post to the website as a memoriam to David. I
probably have some photos of him too.

Just wanted to let everyone know we have lost another
excellent friend and researcher. Perhaps Cheyenne Turner,
Arthur Coleman and now David Fasold are running Albert
Holmans suggestion of the 'Angelic Viewpoint'.....

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