Cancer, glue, radioactive elements for 98% cure?

Jerry Wayne Decker ( )
Mon, 6 Dec 1999 07:53:54 -0800 (PST)

Hi Folks!

Last night on EXTRA TV, they had a segment on a doctor
who said he was getting 98% positive results in
treating all kinds of cancers, including brain and
other supposedly inoperable tumors.

The technique involved using a super glue to bind
radioactive material to the tumor, thus killing the
cancerous tissues which, as they are excreted from the
body, carry out the radioactive elements.

The segment said only about 10 doctors in the US are
using it but all report great success. I imagine if
its 98%! That beats ANYTHING I've ever heard of
including chemo or surgery.

I went to their website at;

and found only a tiny phrase that says;

'Also, itís a NEW CANCER TREATMENT that claims to have
a 98 percent success rate! Find out how one doctorís
simple remedy is giving terminal patients new hope!'

I found nothing on my searches to for additional
information. Must be pass it on to those who
need alternatives, it sounds brilliant!


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