Electrostatic gravity?

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 23:45:14 -0600

Hi Folks!

An interesting page claiming gravity and antigravity are due to
modulated high frequency electrostatic fields. This is reminiscent of
Joseph Hiddinks one polarity capacitor;


6. The Theory of the Formation of Gravitational and Antigravitational
Fields Gravity and antigravity is basically an electrostatic field
modulated in high frequency, the direction of which is reversed in the
case of antigravity.

In the case of matter, this field is produced in such a way that the
outward positive field of positively charged protons in the atomic
nucleus is modulated by the movement of the negatively charged electrons
surrounding the atomic nucleus.

Towards the direction of the location of an electron, the force field of
the proton decreases and it cannot get out of the nucleus. The larger
the difference of the mass of the protons and electrons is, the higher
the modulating frequency and gravitation will be. High frequency
electrostatic vibration spreads quickly and in the case of materials,
can be considered as a series of positive impulses.

Due to the large electron shells, when observed from the outside, the
atoms seem to have a negative charge. Time after time, "windows" open up
on these shells, giving way to the positive impulses of the proton which
have a pulling effect on the negative surfaces of farther atoms.

In the case of antimatter, the signs are not the same.

Materials can only reach the state of cohesion and form a structure if
the vibration of the particles of its atoms is synchronised. The
electron orbits of neighbouring atoms overlap, and part of them are used
by the electrons jointly, therefore they must have a high level of
synchrony of several "participants".

It may be presumed that all atoms of all materials in the Universe are
synchronised, this synchronization among the atoms of the matter was
established in the moments following the Big Bang and did not cease even
when the atoms receded, thus all materials on Earth "sense" one another.


1.The deduction describing gravity fields is in form the same as the
formula of

2.Only high-frequency vibrations can spread far.

3.Materials with the same average charge should repulse each other,
however, taking long time intervals, their charge is neutral. Neutral
charged particles cannot pull one another, only those adversely charged
within certain time intervals.

4.According to experiments, when introduced into a material, both
positive and
negative electrostatic fields decrease the gravity force of the
materials, since they cause a shift of the zero line of the
electrostatic waves of the matter.

5.Further research is necessary!

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