Gyroscopic precession & tapping aether

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Been meaning to post this as a file because it indicates a tie-in of a
specific angle of 32.7 degrees which is the arc a precessing gyroscope
makes when being lifted. This is Harold Aspden describing the late Eric
Laithwaites experiment;

The facts of the experiment are so remarkable that they would be
unbelievable to anyone who has not witnessed at close quarters the
demonstration by Professor Laithwaite.

He takes hold of a shaft with two hands, holding it horizontally at knee
An assistant then uses a power tool to spin a 50 pound flywheel at one
end of the shaft unti it is rotating at several thousand revolutions per
minute. A 50 pound wheel rotating at this speed and held away from, but
necessarily close to, the body commands respect for the dangers
involved. It is not something that one expects to manipulate with ease.

However, one is aware that one could release the hold near the wheel and
expect to be able to support the full weight of the system by one's
other hand, without having to exert a couple manually via one's wrist,
(i.e. without needing to strain one's wrist to hold the shaft horizontal
with the 50 pound weight on the other end). Indeed, it would be outside
the capacity of human strength to apply such a twist to the shaft axis.

What should then happen is that the wheel will precess continuously in a
horizontal plane, requiring the holder to turn around with it, keeping a
firm grip on the end of the shaft.

(precession means that the shaft - the axis of rotation - 'fixed' at one
end by one's wrist, with the flywheel on the other, will describe a
shape like that of a cone - or a hyperbolic spiral)

What is found, however, is that the human feel for the reaction forces
on the end of the shaft senses that the load can be lightened by
applying a gentle pull. The wheel then precesses in a controlled

The surprise is that the free end of the shaft lifts with very little
effort, totally incommensurate with the 50 pound weight of the wheel.
By such lifting action, the wheel rises following a helical path with
the shaft still horizontal.

An even greater surprise is that the helix angle is 32 degrees, which
also happens to be the helix angle of type A DNA, angle 32.7 degrees.

Surely, this is one of the most basic discoveries ever made?

The spinning mass restrained only so as to precess freely about an axis
will find it can travel around a helical path centered on that axis and
do this without any particular regard for the potentials opposing its

It seems that the energy needed to overcome these potentials, for
example gravitation, is drawn from the spin energy.

In sight, then, comes the idea that if the spin energy of an atom is
sustained by sub-quantum processes that tap the energy of the universe,
we can harness that energy in 'free energy' or anti-gravity

Here, we are not talking about theory, but rather reality.

Professor Laithwaite's demonstration continues by him raising the
flywheel effortlessly with one hand until it has precessed through 360
degrees and is supported well above his head. The pressure exerted
through the hand in the up, down and lateral sense serves to control the
position of the flhwheel in the helical path that is wound around the

The wheel cannot be held single-handed with its centre of mass at rest
at any point along the helix but it can be moved up and down between
such points with no apparent work being done by the person involved.

Nor does that person feel the 50 pound weight of the wheel, once the
manual sensing of the one-handed support has taken over whilst it is

The demonstration is not a magician's trick. Indeed, there are items of
specially designed laboratory equipment that support the same findings.

However, as is normal in scientific circles, those who witness these
remarkable results refuse to believe that what they see can have any
fundamental significance not embraced by the teachings of Newton, as
modified by Einstein.

A discerning evaluation, with an eye upon the tremendous implications of
this discovery and with a willingness to see Einstein's theory
overthrown if it stands in the way of technological progress, cannot
fail to concede that something very fundamental and new has leapt in
front of us and cannot be ignored.

It is submitted, therefore, that the Laithwaite gyroscope experiments
give us a clear indication that energy in the vacuum or aether is
involved in precessional motion.

Furthermore, the energy anomaly on the precessional motion points to the
existence of the gravitational 'ghost' mass produced by setting up a
negative energy vacuum state by displacing energy on the vacuum itself.

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