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Received an interesting comment privately which dealt
with practical manipulation and tapping of zero point
energy which appears to be possible using wave energy,
high voltage or mechanical pressure.

The comment related to attaching an insulated plate to
the rear of an automobile or other means of getting up
to some speed, then feeding in pulsed high voltage
signals to determine if there was any deflection of
aether from the entrained aether/zpe when the vehicle

The idea is that the high voltage at the right
frequency(ies) might cause reduced inertia inside the
vehicle which could be measured with strain gauges or
other devices able to measure thrust, spring scale,

The control of neutral atom matter waves using phase
conjugation could well be involved in this process as
per DePalma and others who record anomalies with high
density masses in motion.
Ken Shoulders patent from 1991 says;'zero+point+energy'&OS="zero+point+energy"&RS="zero+point+energy"

apparatus and method for obtaining energy from high
electrical charge density entities. The energy may be
received by the conductor of a traveling wave device
positioned along the path which the propagating
entities follow. Multiple traveling wave devices may
be combined. Energy output from a traveling wave
device may also be directed to the generation of a
subsequent such entity. Thermal energy may also be
obtained from an EV.

a traveling wave device may be operated to output more
electrical energy than is input to the device to
initiate an EV and cause it to propagate along the
traveling wave output conductor. The source of this
increased energy appears to be the vacuum zero-point
energy, or zero-point radiation.

An EV, as a coupling device to zero-point energy,
operates as an energy conversion mechanism whereby
high frequency zero-point energy of the vacuum
continuum is converted to lower frequency energy,
captured as electrical output energy by the traveling
wave conductor

for converting high frequency zero point
electromagnetic radiation energy to electrical energy.
The system includes a pair of dielectric structures
which are positioned proximal to each other and which
receive incident zero point electromagnetic radiation.
The volumetric sizes of the structures are selected so
that they resonate at a frequency of the incident

The volumetric sizes of the structures are also
slightly different so that the secondary radiation
emitted therefrom at resonance interfere with each
other producing a beat frequency radiation which is at
a much lower frequency than that of the incident
radiation and which is amenable to conversion to
electrical energy. An antenna receives the beat
frequency radiation. The beat frequency radiation from
the antenna is transmitted to a converter via a
conductor or waveguide and converted to electrical
energy having a desired voltage and waveform.

The existence of zero point electromagnetic radiation
was discovered in 1958 by the Dutch physicist M. J.
Sparnaay. Mr. Sparnaay continued the experiments
carried out by Hendrik B. G. Casimir in 1948 which
showed the existence of a force between two uncharged
parallel plates which arose from electromagnetic
radiation surrounding the plates in a vacuum.

Mr. Sparnaay discovered that the forces acting on the
plates arose from not only thermal radiation but also
from another type of radiation now known as classical
electromagnetic zero point radiation. Mr. Sparnaay
determined that not only did the zero point
electromagnetic radiation exist in a vacuum but also
that it persisted even at a temperature of absolute

Because it exists in a vacuum, zero point radiation is
homogeneous and isotropic as well as ubiquitous. In
addition, since zero point radiation is also invariant
with respect to Lorentz transformation, the zero point
radiation spectrum has the characteristic that the
intensity of the radiation at any frequency is
proportional to the cube of that frequency.

Consequently, the intensity of the radiation increases
without limit as the frequency increases resulting in
an infinite energy density for the radiation spectrum.
With the introduction of the zero point radiation into
the classical electron theory, a vacuum at a
temperature of absolute zero is no longer considered
empty of all electromagnetic fields. Instead, the
vacuum is now considered as filled with randomly
fluctuating fields having the zero point radiation

The special characteristics of the zero point
radiation which are that it has a virtually infinite
energy density and that it is ubiquitous (even present
in outer space) make it very desirable as an energy
source. However, because high energy densities exist
at very high radiation frequencies and because
conventional methods are only able to convert or
extract energy effectively or efficiently only at
lower frequencies at which zero point radiation has
relatively low energy densities, effectively tapping
this energy source has been believed to be unavailable
using conventional techniques for converting
electromagnetic energy to electrical or other forms of
easily useable energy. Consequently, zero point
electromagnetic radiation energy which may potentially
be used to power interplanetary craft as well as
provide for society's other needs has remained

It is known that matter such as neutral atoms exhibits
wave characteristics known as matter or deBroglie
waves. It is also known that resonant standing light
waves form an effective diffraction grating for
neutral atoms. Such resonant standing waves have been
proposed to split an atomic beam into two mutually
coherent beams which can be used for interferometry.

The applicants herein have demonstrated the splitting
of an atomic beam into two mutually coherent beams by
the use of resonant standing waves. The angular
deflections of neutral atom beams generated by light
gratings are small requiring relatively long
interferometer paths to physically separate the beams.

Sources of interaction detectable by the
interferometers disclosed herein are interactions with
electric and magnetic fields, the Casimir shift due to
interaction with nearby conducting surfaces,
collisions with other atoms, or gravitational

In addition, the interferometer can be used to measure
the Sagnac effect which is a phase shift caused by
rotations of the interferometer. The sensitivity of
these neutral atom interferometers is sufficient to
perform precise atomic polarizability measurements for
both DC and laser light fields, to observe the Casimir
shift near conducting surfaces, and to measure the
real part of the forward scattering amplitude from gas
targets. Because the interferometers are sensitive to
the Sagnac effect, they may be used as a "gyro" for
measuring rotation for navigational purposes.


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