Re: Neutral center as points of consciousness?

Slavek Krepelka ( )
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 00:19:00 -0400

Hello at al.

I call the thing a bad touch. It concerns even strictly mechanical contraptions,
or mechanical and rather heavy parts of them. Some people just cause the things to

About the communication. I dont thing that the quantities play a major role. Twin
photons from an electron radiation seem to be able to communicate instantly. If
they are understood as perfect ressonators, there is no wonder, except for the
carrier of the communication. As far as I am concerned, el. force carrier will do.

As for divining. I have noticed, that any divining I have ever done, wheather
intentional or othervise, had clockvise dirrection lokking from the top. Some
antigravity experiments claim the same orientation as the one, which does the
trick. On the other hand, any skating ring, race track if oval or round, has the
counter clock vise dirrection. Coincidence?

Regards Slavek.

Jerry W. Decker wrote:

> Hi Ted et al!
> An interesting observation, where you write;
> > Even a simple 'question' "are you functioning normally?" requires
> > understanding of concepts as we know them (such as what is 'functioning'
> > and what is 'normal'). Before any lower gestalt could respond 'yes' or 'no',
> > it must understand the question. (Understand being the operative word). It
> > would be like us mortals here on earth trying to 'understand' heaven (or
> > whatever other worldly places that may or may not exist)
> I have to agree with that to some degree, how to phrase the question. I
> hate to mention it but I have to bring up the Star Wars idea of the
> midichlorians as being microscopic parasites that live in the cells of
> living tissues and provide links to 'the force' and therefore the more
> of them you have, the greater your connection.
> In a way, that is so, though I think every piece of matter has the link
> since it is MANIFESTED and kept together by that very influx, but that
> is somewhat faulty logic because it would mean the bigger/denser
> something is, the heavier it is, the more 'weight' it has, the more
> aether/zpe influx is moving into it and so the smarter and more
> connected with a higher gestalt it would be..<g>..
> Surely, more Aether/zpe influx does not equate to a greater connection
> with 'the force' and thus to a higher grouping of gestalts?
> Some of the experiments with robotics and other living creatures which
> seem to prefer BEING NEAR other living creatures indicate some kind of
> 'strange attractor' which biases probability to draw even inaminate
> matter towards life, whether it is seeking company or some kind of
> unknown bonding force. Its not warmth or light as some of the tests
> were done in total darkness and the temperature controlled.
> Now I have worked in two different photo processing labs for a total of
> 22 years. I ran a tech support department with at least 10 techs and we
> all noticed how with some operators a machine will simply go nuts...when
> we answer the 'fire' call, the machine often starts working simply from
> our presence....we walk away, it acts up again...we make a tweak or
> adjustment, it still works fine, we walk away, it acts up again....we
> move the operator to another machine and put someone else on the weird
> I have seen this literally thousands of times as have many of the techs
> I worked and spoke with over those many got to the point
> that the supervisors realized there was somethig to it which we could
> PROVE by swapping operators and watching the problems move to another
> machine....a machine virus? Not likely since it follows ONLY the one
> operator.
> That wasn't ALL the time with any specific operator just kind of a bad
> day thing which I've never been able to pin down as to cause.
> Omni reported an experiment on this psychokinetic phenomena and referred
> to the people who have harmonious interactions with machines as
> 'function linked people (FLPs)', as opposed to those who seem to cause
> machines to act up or fall apart in their presence, which they refer to
> as 'malfunctioned linked people (MLPs)'.
> It is one of the most incredible things to witness but once you do and
> have tested it, there is no denying something is going on.
> I should note that APERIODICALLY, a FLP will experience MLP symptoms but
> it quickly corrects. I've never been able to pin it down as caused by
> job stress, illness, finances, home or love life or other factors,
> though it would be a great study and with the internet, easy to setup
> the forms to let techs participate who recognize this and would be
> willing to report in when it works and doesn't so we could find out if
> there is a common cause.
> I once described all this to a fellow tech from one of our vendors, he
> was very bright and recognized and had seen all that I told him....he
> agreed that if we could create some kind of retro-reflector with a
> filter that accepted and REFLECTED only negative or enharmonious
> vibrations, then it would cancel the effects of MLPs...<g>...thus
> keeping machines running despite outside negative influences that would
> latch onto and amplify weak areas of the machine.
> To spin this back to some degree of cogency....I think the yes/no
> response TRANSCENDS all gestalts, whether higher or lower by the simple
> fact that they all spawn from the smallest possible consciousness,
> aggregating to ever more complex intelligences which would carry the
> combined basic responses anywhere on the scale of evolution.
> It is my opinion that the kinesiologic response is due to a reduction in
> overall electrical currents in the be specific, voltage on the
> surface of blood and other cells.
> The larger the surface area, the more voltage can accumulate so the more
> current can flow through the muscles to give greater strength.
> When cells are exposed to noxious vibrations which again in my opinion,
> produces disharmony in the form of vibrational interference, then we
> have one or more waves colliding with one or more other waves to reduce
> the energy level.
> This interference causes the blood cells to 'crenate' which means the
> cell shrivels up from a grape to a raisin-like state. The reduced
> volume means a reduced voltage level and a reduced current in the
> muscles of the body, thus the kinesiologic response where the muscles in
> the body weaken in the presence in the presence of noxious substances.
> This is my theory only and is my personal view of what causes the muscle
> weakness.
> If this theory is true, it MIGHT be possible to monitor the degree of
> the crenating response when couched in a question where only a yes or no
> answer is possible. By proper questioning, you could get answers for
> any question though it might be tedious.
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