Oscillons as the cause of ZPE/ZPE/Aether?

Jerry Wayne Decker ( jwdatwork@yahoo.com )
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 11:06:17 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Folks!

An interesting article on how excited media releases
excess energy as 'oscillons' ties in with how ZPE/ZPF
manifest in space.

ZPE (zero point energy which is that any and all
oscillators never truly rest but continue to "jiggle"
randomly about its resting point with a small amount
of energy always present, due to the 'zero-point

ZPF (zero point field which is the mechanical pressure
caused by displacement of local space to push matter
as is utilized in the Casimir force)

Aether (the source of all energy and matter, its
inflow into mass is the cause of the jitter)
Oscillon picture;


Nature often sorts energy into certain preferred
forms, such as the unique spectrum of colors emitted
by heated atoms or the characteristic note sounded by
an organ pipe. This energy sorting can even turn up in
a granular material.

A few years ago, scientists discovered that
collections of tiny metal balls, when shaken slightly
up and down, vested some of their energy in the form
of tiny waterspout heaps that they named "oscillons."

Now physicists at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
have observed a similar effect in a colloid, a fluid
material (e.g., milk) in which tiny particles (in this
case, small bits of clay) are suspended in a solvent.
I'm thinking the appearance of this anomalous energy
that pops into and pops our of existence, thereby
displacing local space to jitter whatever happens to
be nearby, is the same thing. It has also been
referred to as 'vacuum energy' and 'quantum foam'
(which I think is evokes the best visual image of what
is happening).

It also reminds me of the Pearson claim that when you
collide two like polarity energies (plus against plus
and minus against minus) exactly at the same time, you
can get up to 18% more energy out than it took to do
the initial collision.


Now energy CAN be created or destroyed - provided
negative and positive energies change TOGETHER in
EXACTLY balanced amounts!


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