Dynaspheres for sale?

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 21:42:03 -0500

Hi Dale et al!

I am very perturbed by something that was recently brought to my
attention on your site and that I am both 'surprised' and disappointed
by the offer and circumstances. This isn't a working motor for $25,000,
but check it out anyway;


special Keely wax?
special Keely lube?
maintenance contracts available?

'These devices radiate sympathetic vibration (on many levels) which some
perceive as Neutral/Heart/Love/Mind energy. Several alternative health
and retreat centers are acquiring them for the harmonizing effects on
the human physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems. All of the
chakra centers and especially the heart chakra seems to be quickened,
stimulated and opened.'
Dale, I cannot find any indication that Keely ever built any device that
he called a 'Dynasphere'.

Are there really people out there who would actually pay for this? Its
about 2 steps behind Dennis Lee and his using the name of Tesla to
promote his scams.

I have never seen anything in any authentic Keely material from the
period that remotely fits the description of what this device is being
claimed to do.

Keely did refer to the 'dynasphere' and 'dynaspheric force' but I can
find no record of there ever being a motor or device by that name.

He did build a Generator, a Globe Motor, the Compound Disintegrator,
sundry other devices and a Musical Globe shown at a Worlds Fair as well
as the loose term of 'Keely's Motor' which I've always took to refer to
the Globe motor as it was the one that produced the real mechanical

I will continue to search my files and other sources for that term if it
was used by Keely himself but at this point, it looks like your own

Perhaps you can enlighten me on why you have decided to sell something
called 'Keelys Musical Dynasphere' for $25,000 with the claim above,
that doesn't work as a motor, which a dynasphere would do, based on the
terms dynamic and sphere?

This enlightenment would take the form of posted documents or photos
that all can view, taken from Keely, Moore or some other source of the

If that evidence cannot be produced (and I'm still looking), would you
consider explaining to people that it is your term and your
interpretation of the Dynasphere, not truly Keely?

I see this a lot with Tesla where quotes or stories are attributed to
him that simply never happened, it simply confuses what little we have
that is from the period, not the new age interpretations which the net
seems to thrive on.

I was hoping this could be avoided with Keely, at the very least by
people with knowledge of Keely specifically stating 'this is my
opinion', 'this is my interpretation', 'this is my view or concept based
on Keely's work', rather than say outright it IS Keely.

Long ago, you kindly let me copy the photos from Keely's lab which I
later got copies of from another source, none were labelled with names
or nameplates on the machines that I can see.

Shortly after, I received from an anonymous source in Florida a
photocopy of a rare book which I photocopied and sent to you for your

The book was 'Keely's Planetary Philosophy' which you published in
pieces in your newsletters (without of course mentioning where you got
them..<g>..) so I felt we were even since I had copies of your photos,
you had a complete copy of this rare book.

Since that time, I have received another book which I believe is from
Sweden that does attempt to label the machines and explain what they
did, but it is NOT from Keely's period so the descriptions are subject
to question.

I have long planned to post those photos along with those descriptions
and relevant links. In the past I didn't have the extra web space but I
do have that space now, just need to put it together and post.

The Globe Motor rotated and produced power, it didn't just make music so
I am puzzled how this appellation of the 'Keely Musical Dynasphere'

I looked through Bloomfield Moores book and found no specific reference
to a Dynasphere motor, though there is a Musical Globe reference and a
Globe motor reference.

I am definitely open to correction if you can provide the sources from
the period showing that Keely did in fact have a Dynasphere which was a
MOTOR, not a musical device with attributions of chakras and other new
age claims that I think completely warps and pollutes Keely's purpose
which was to build a motor that tapped into aetheric flows and that once
started would run until it suffered a 'reversion' (requiring restarting)
OR when the parts wore out.

What follows is what I have found to date with regard to the term
dynasphere, perhaps Dale will provide his sources to show this is truly
a Keely device since I seem to have missed it or forgot about it.

This is also going to other Keely researchers and I will post their
Perhaps they have such specific information and can clarify the source
and exact meaning of dynasphere, whether it was ever used by Keely as a
name for a motor or musical globe.


The atom is surrounded with a dynasphere, or etheric capsule, which
prevents the atoms from touching each other, inasmuch as dynasphere is
in inconceivable rapid motion.


Overlooked in all the hustle and bustle with which Progress is
progressing on its way, a lonely inventor named John Worrell Keely, of
Philadelphia, Pa., rediscovered this lost power and gave it the name
`Dynaspheric Force.' Keely's
experiments aroused considerable interest at the time, and the wealthy
Brothers sent their representative, Ricardo Seaver, across the Atlantic
investigate his work.

This was long before anyone had produced a television set, discovered
cosmic rays, or thought about conditions existing above the then current
`Fourth State
of Matter'.

Keely stated that, while investigating the magnetic forces flowing
between the
Earth's two poles, he had discovered that `corpuscles of matter could be
divided by vibration'(1) and that he could apply this principle to drive
a motor.

....For his demonstration to Seaver, Keely stood at one end of his New
York laboratory; the motor was mounted at the other. Then he played a
certain note on a violin, whereupon the 25- h.p. motor began to turn,
gaining speed until it practically jumped its mountings.

It ran at this high speed during which time the inventor did nothing

Eventually, to stop it, he again took the violin and played a discord,
whereupon the Force seemed to be withdrawn and the motor came to a stop.
The surprised visitor was then invited to try to start the machine
himself using the same violin. At first he was unsuccessful, but when
Keely touched him he was able to start and stop the engine.

Why should this be? From the surviving Keely papers we read concerning a
later motor: `At one time the shareholders of the Keely Motor Company
put a man in his workshop for the express purpose of discovering his

After six months of close watching, he said to J. W. Keely one day: 'I
know how it is done now.' They had been setting the machine up together
and Keely had been manipulating the stop-cock which turned the force on
and off. 'Try it then,' was the answer. The man turned the cock and
nothing happened.

'Let me see you do it again,' the man said to Keely. The latter
complied, and the machinery operated at once. Again the other tried, but
without success.

Then Keely put his hand on his shoulder and told him to try once more.
He did so with the result of an instantaneous production of current.' We
see then, that in order to produce the required vibration Keely's
personal vibration was

The one problem which he never succeeded in solving was to produce a
machine which would operate without the personal `vibration' or
`will-power' of the operator.

Commenting on this, the author of THE SECRET DOCTRINE says: `It is just
because Keely's discovery would lead to knowledge of one of the most
occult secrets, a secret which can never be allowed to fall into the
hands of the masses, that failure to push his discovery to its logical
conclusions seems certain to Occultists...the results obtained from the
fifth and sixth planes of the Etheric or Astral Force will never be
permitted to serve for purposes of commerce and traffic.'

THE SECRET DOCTRINE goes on to confirm what I had already guessed-an
easy guess: `If the question is asked why Mr. Keely was not allowed to
pass a certain limit, the answer is easy; it was because what he had
discovered was the terrible sidereal Force known to, and named by, the
Atlanteans MASH-MAK and by the Aryan Rishis in their Astra Vidya by a
name that we do not care to give.
It is the VRIL of Bulwer Lytton's COMING RACE and of the coming races of

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