Re: Mass expansion causes 'gravity'?

Jerry Wayne Decker ( )
Sat, 25 Sep 1999 14:57:57 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Folks!

Received an email asking about this theory, asking
what would this entail if it were true.

Do we just get bigger as we expand, do we eventually
fizzle out or rip apart?

Well, its not my theory, just another guys website,
but it is intriguing because my view has been that the
universe is under tremendous pressure and matter is
simply holes in space, like plunging your hand down
into water to create a hole that fills up to
re-establish equilibrium.

As long as the hole is there, the water flows...same
thing with matter, as long as the hole is there,
aether/zpe flows in to try to fill it up...the
aether/zpe precipitates due to interferring with
itself and produces the very slow motions we call

So, this guys theory is saying the mass swells up,
slowly but with great amplitude/pressure which would
be the case if aether/zpe is TRULY precipitating to
form a balloon being forced to expand into
a higher pressure makes sense to me...and is
a definite contender for the push gravity viewpoint.


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