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Rats, I should have looked at and included his index page. The source
documents on his site shows they were last modified on September 13th,

Albert Einstein stated, unequivocally, that the next breakthrough in
physics would be in geometry. Pavlita stated again and again that the
'secret' was 'in the form'. This 'new geometry' is hidden in 3-D. The
basics of the geometry will be given out on this site. It will be
continually updated.

and here are excerpts from what is posted at;

The key to the geometry is the relationship of equal sized balls, (lines
and points, and therefore spheres becoming an impossibility in the
geometry itself). It is a fundamentally 3-D geometry.

The Geometry of Robert Pavlita - Copyright - Michael Donovan

A Czech, Robert Pavlita, was demonstrating anomalies of physics and
phenomena associated with psi research in the 1950s. He had physical
machines, which he called psycotronic generators.

His experiments were published world wide in the 1960s in a book called
Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain (chapter 28). Just after
1980 the US House Intelligence Committee was stating (Charlie Rose N.C.)
that these areas were just what the government should concentrate on.
Then you heard very little about Robert Pavlita and now, there is almost
nothing on the Internet.

These psycotronic generators were built by placing together specific
materials in very specific shapes. Over and over Pavlita stated that the
"secret was in the form". The secret is in a new way of looking at
geometry. The key to the geometry is the relationship of equal sized
balls, (lines and points, and therefore spheres becoming an
impossibility in the geometry itself). It is a fundamentally 3-D
geometry. It differs in some important respects to subjects such as
'sphere packing'.

Oh, now what does all this have to do with those machines, those
psycotronic generators built by Robert Pavlita? Remember that Robert
Pavlita stated that his generators fell into two distinct types; those
that worked off of biological energy, and those that worked off of
cosmic energy.

He said that the Great Pyramid shape is one that worked off of 'cosmic'
energy. Another Czech patented the great pyramid shape. It sharpened
razor blades.
Though Pavlita knew how it worked, the Czech who actually patented it
(Karl Drbal) did not. He did not need to, he just had to demonstrate to
the Czech patent office that it worked, had a use, and was non-obvious.
All these balls in all these (limited) realities are in motion.

The devices that work off of 'cosmic' energy do so by little more that
hoisting up a sail. As to the psycotronic generators that worked off of
'biological energy', you need to understand that energy and emotion are
synonymous, and that they have specific elements, and core compounds,
just as physical chemistry. Specific shapes are formative of specific
elements and compounds of emotion or energy.

Here also I want you to keep in mind these observations of Nikoli
Kozyrev, a Russian astro physicist also discussed in Psychic Discoveries
behind the Iron Curtain. He noticed with sensitive clocks that time
seems to run a bit slower in the winter.

He wondered if life had anything to do with this. So then he put life,
like people, near the clocks, and behold; they ran faster. He wondered
if what the life were doing would effect the clocks.

He found that when people were doing a very mental exercise (such as an
algebra problem), instead of just hanging out, the clock's speed took a
quantum step up to another level. Also that when the person was
performing a very artistic task (musical instrument etc), the clocks
took yet another quantum jump faster.

( Psi attractors for inanimate mass; )

All vibration, then, has seven primary angles. This is the true physics
basis of music (seven notes).

If you remember, Pavlita had one device that magnetized all types of
substances (even non-magnetic material), and worked under water, showing
that this was no form of static electricity. Remember also that this
worked on 'biological' (emotional), not 'cosmic' energy. It was a 'pen
shaped device', and at the very end of it was a cone shaped device. Also
that this cone had to be made of a non-magnetic material.

....1 1
...1 2 1
..1 3 3 1
1 4 6 4 1

( for a better understanding of Pascals Triangle;

You recognize this from basic statistics, and know that the summation of
this progression is 1, 3, 7, 15, 31 etc. This binomial expansion is also
created by a sequence of ball layers from the foregoing summations.
Alternating will be triangular groups with 'regularly roundish groups.
If you do not have marbles, you can still work this out with pennies.

So, what do we really have here? What you are creating is the 'normal
curve' in 3-D. Remember that this was last in the sequence of shapes.

In the next segment I want to tell you why the generator produced no
form of magnetism at all (by standard definition), but was a mere
intensification of gravity.

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