Aether/zpe induced energy production

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Mon, 20 Sep 1999 11:02:31 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Folks!

An interesting paper claiming a UFT (unified field
theory) based on inductive production of energy from
zpe in motion...essentially interferring with aether
to produce useful effects.

It ties in so well with the Puthoff/Haisch/Rueda paper
on Inertia as caused by ZPE. If you are driving at 60
mph and slam on your brakes, what is it that pushes
you up against your steering wheel? Yep, pat
explanations of inertia, conservation of momentum,
potential energy converted to kinetic, yada, yada,
yada....but what IS the force?

Entrained aether/zpe...anytime motion occurs in a
medium it causes vortices.

If that motion is linear, in one direction, then the
entrained medium will whirl and be caught up in the
motion due to the passage.

When you stop, the entrained moving medium continues
moving forward to buffet and pound against the mass
until the transferred energy dissipates and the medium
is once again balanced, in a state of equilibrium.

Once other point, in a light bulb, the tungsten
element is excited causing a breathing in of energy
that swells and expands the electron orbits....when
the energy source is removed, the additional electron
orbits collapse, emitting a photon...just like when it breathes in, it sucks up
power, when it breathes out and the electron energy
level collapses, we get EMISSION in the form of

What do you think the effect would be if we use this
entrainment and emission principle with aether/zpe in
a controlled fashion?

Would not the aether/zpe be pumped into a mass and
have to bleed off into the surroundings as long as
more was coming in than the mass could handle?

Would the mass not be now EMITTING its own excessive
charge of aether/zpe, thus radiating and deflecting
the normal inflows?

Check out this neat paper on inductive energy
production as a result of mass in motion through

Once fully rendered, one will realize that gravitation
is a connective process between matter and the ZPE
(Zero Point Energy or aether) field.

It not only produces the obvious result we call
gravity, but also is the productive agent of elemental
charge, inertia (which is why inertial mass is
identical to gravitational mass), and the deBroglie
wave phenomena.

A long time ago, Lord Kelvin (W. Thompson), Lorentz,
Maxwell, and Hemholtz recognized that the behavior of
matter had characteristics similar to vortex ring
structures in a fluid (the atomic vortex hypothesis).

This concept was abandoned in the early 1900's. This
abandonment was more philosophical than substantive
with the real problem being the math describing the
model was, "at the time", intractable. Much more
success was being obtained by QM methods. This same
model rears up again in modern physics in the form of
the mathematical topology of string/super string
theory as well as in superconductivity and

Penrose's twistor is a vortex ring, as is a magnetic
field. It is interesting to note that vortex rings can
sustain transverse vibrations (analogous to guitar
string vibration), indeed Kelvin proved mathematically
that linear disturbances in a saturated 3D vortex
fluid (he termed a vortex sponge) would produce
propagation of pure transverse waves identical to the
equations and properties that describe the propagation
of light through space.

The basic gravitational relationship as identified
presumes that the ZPE (aether) interacts weakly with
the vortex rings that constitute matter.

(It relies on) the assumption of a non-rotational
motionless body(ies) of uniform matter density and
does not account for the finite transmission speed of
the ZPE (aether) media. The more general equation
would include these (rotation, non-uniform matter
densities within the body, motions of the bodies,
propagation speed of the ZPE (aether), and would make
a provision for independent currents within the ZPE
(aether) Field). Such inclusions will, of necessity,
lead to the derivation of the General Relativistic

THE "LeSage" EFFECT (Gravitational Induction Heating):

Note: the power dissipation (deposited [d]) of the ZPE
(aether) field momentum into vortices would by
definition result in an energy buildup.

of)! Equating the gravitational field potential to the
thermal energy and black body EM emission of the
gravitating material body.


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