Re: Space Quantum Theory (dual force gravity vs aether/zpe)

Warren York ( )
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 19:49:08 -0500

Just for the record Jerry. Will post when the paper is released. Warren
(For Consideration and Peer Review In Layman's Format)

Warren York
June 9, 1999

The author presents a summarization of a Unified Field Theory and the
equation based on light in layman's format for consideration and peer
review. The author will attempt to show how light is the basis for both
the equation and the theory stemming from Albert Einstein's famous
energy equation E=MC^2. The author will expand on this equation and
extract such up till now unknown phenomena as Time, Gravity, Intrinsic
Spin and others while at the same time showing that it also addresses
all known phenomena today thereby filling the requirements as being a
true Unified Field Theory. The author will also show where the GUT with
light is in agreement and explains the now popular String Theory. Such
questions as the importance and meaning of Pi (p) in the dynamics of
geometry and the actual transference of energy into matter are all
present in a dynamic form of the dormant primal base line energy
equation. The author will also show the relationship in the energy
equation and all other equations having a form of Pi (p) somewhere in
them . The author will touch upon a new 4D method of math that was used
to extract this data. This new method will not change math as we know it
today but enhance it for a richer and deeper understanding of the world,
forces and natural processes around us. By the use of the 4D method ,
the author will show how the primal base line E=MC^2 transforms into a
true full blown engineerable Unification Equation E=MC^2::E=MC^*<-2->.
It will bridge the gap between the physical and the QM worlds while at
the same time showing how nature does all this naturally on her own
every moment of every day. The author will introduce a new electron
model, the YGEM. (York,Geier Electron Model) This makes the theory a
truly dynamic expression of mathematics, symmetry and geometrics. A
mathematics based on geometric association showing both the static and
dynamic view at the same time. This is a basic paper giving a general
overview of the Unified Field Theory based on light and its associated
equation written in a 4D Math form. A series of papers will be presented
at a later date by the author covering in greater depth all phenomena in
both the physical and quantum levels. Details of such phenomena as Time,
Gravity, Intrinsic Spin and other related information of the Unified
Field Theory of Light will be discussed. In conclusion the author will
propose an experiment to verify the basic building block of the theory
to light thereby giving validation to its authenticity and claim.

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