Amin Cycle/Entropy Systems Inc.

Bob Paddock ( )
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 07:42:16 -0400

Jerry do you remember a few years ago that Sanjay Amin sent
you and I a book called the "Amin Cycle"? His patents where
finally granted...thought every one would find this of

I have not yet seen his engines, but I'll see if I can some
time soon, as he is not far from my Parents place.

I have seen his Chemical Free Air Conditioning/No CFC'S
device in operation and it does what he claims. It will
reduce ambient air temperature by up to 30 degrees, I don't
recall if that was 'C or 'F for sure but I think it was 'C.

So you can find a bit of info on his device at my web site,
tho it is more theory than about the Air Conditioning thing,
that is a few years old.

Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 20:39:17 EDT
Subject: Hello Bob, This is Sanjay.

Hello Bob.

How are you? Havent talked to you for quiet a while now. We have opened
our brand new website selling engines and refrigerators running on the Amin
Cycle. the url is:
Also look at the following magazines for more information on our engines.
September 1999 issue of : Physics Today
September 1999 issue of : Mechanical Engineering Magazine.
September 20, 1999 issue of : Applied Journal of Physics Letters
September 24, 1999 issue of: Science

Keep in touch Bob. Hope to talk to you soon

Sanjay Amin

Entropy Systems Inc.,
8150 Market Street
Youngstown, OH 44512, USA.

Some bits from their web site:

Entropy Systems, Inc.

U.S. Patents # 5,547,341 & 5,765,387

We sell beta versions of Engines, which produce zero
emissions and convert atmospheric heat to power.
[At $75,000 I don't think many of us here are going to be
running out and buying one.]

Entropy Engines produce zero emissions & do not use any
environmentally harmful chemicals.

Entropy Engines can operate by converting heat at any
temperature to power and the by-product is clean
refrigerated air.

Entropy Engines have efficiencies higher than any
conventional Refrigerators, Engines or Fuel Cells.

Entropy Engines can operate as both a power plant and a

Typical uses: For Refrigeration, Air-conditioning & as an
engine for: Generators, Outboard motors, Lawn-mowers,
Compressors & Autos.

We also design, manufacture, and sell custom built machines
according to customer specifications.

[Don't mean to make it look like a sales pitch, the only
thing I've ever gotten out of it is a book. Thought the
technologies was interesting since it went against the
Guardians of Status Quo.]

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