Aether/zpe Sails for propulsion/lift

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 22:04:21 -0500

Hi Folks!

I was checking out something today and happened to re-read the following

and it made me remember this file;

which says;

'In Farrow's explanation, he said that the dynamo acted to 'intensify
the vertical component' of the Hertzian waves which it generated. This
intensification produced buoyancy in any object to which the unit was

The unusual pattern of Hertzian waves fanned out in a thin horizontal
plane of electromagnetic stress over a broad area. '
I have heard two other stories similar to this which should serve as a
flag to let us know that someone might be monitoring this 'fanned out
electromagnetic stress wave' since it appears to cover a wide area and
could well be monitored, so BE CAREFUL, short duration tests, move
around a lot..<g>..;

One story told to me about 10 years ago by a friend from TI said a guy
in nearby Grapevine had built a cylindrical device with coils on top
that he was flying around his backyard to amuse his family, friends and
neighbors. The inevitable black van...<g>....pulled up, his machine was
taken with his plans and the man, and the friends he had shown this
machine were warned this was a matter of national security and if they
repeated the research results or the story, they would be prosecuted for
treason and imprisoned...or worse. Of course, as such stories go, no
dates, no names, not even a year though my TI friend thought it was in
the late 70's.

Note on this isolated yet local anecdote: a cylinder with coils on top

About 3 years later, without ever hearing this story (since it was told
to me locally and privately) a friend from Seattle told me he had seen a
newspaper report and picture from the 1960's from the Seattle area. The
headline said something like 'local inventor defies gravity' and showed,
yep, a cylinder with coils on top. My Seattle friend said as far as he
could tell from the picture, the coils were all around the top and all
pointed in at 45 degree angles, like little finger shaped coils, all
pointing at an invisible center above the cylinder. He never forgot the
picture or the story but did not save the article as he was very young
at the time and didn't think about it. Perhaps someone in Seattle could
do some hunting???

Note on the independent Seattle anecdote; same story, cylinder, coils
on top

But this time, the coils are at 45 degree angles, pointing to an
invisible a goat following a carrot..upwards....

So, IMO, there are two views of what is happening;

what if you create an 'artificial' neutral center above the mass, then
empower it with more energy than the natural neutral center, the natural
neutral center would move towards the fake as it tried to achieve the
same energy level,

the other view is that it creates that hole in space so that the
cylinder is PUSHED UPWARDS following the hole....better than a cartoon
strip eh??

What brought on this rant..<g> the gravitational spider page quoted
above (b-120dec.htm) that shows how incoming aether/zpe that takes the
'form' of gravity would be deflected OVER A WIDE AREA as Farrow says.

Coils = magnetic but <> high voltage as in 1 foot arcs though probably
consists of sharp, high intensity inductive spikes which ENTRAIN AETHER
or push it AWAY to make a hole....

Farrow also says;

'The condensing dynamo employed either a horizontal row or a ring
consisting of a series of interrupters or breaks (gaps) for producing
this field. The ring of electrical breaks extended in a horizontal line
around the perimeter of the device. Power and frequency of the
oscillators were not given.

The buoyant effect is similar to that produced by floating a sewing
needle on water. Although the steel has a much higher density than the
water below it, the surface tension permits the linkup of many
surrounding water molecules in a thin film or sheet.

Similarly, the dynamo lifts against the strong gravitational field by
REACTION against the weak geomagnetic field.

The interaction over a very wide area between this field and the
Hertzian waves produces electrical buoyancy. No U.S. patent was received
on the invention. '

In a way, it is similar in concept to the propulsion method using
'energy sails' as posted at;

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