Re: Speed of Light?

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Sat, 14 Aug 1999 22:02:52 -0500

Hi Chris!

You wrote;
> If the speed of light varies then what does that do to the Eistein's
> theory of relativity? E=mc(c). I thought that the speed of light was
> the constant in this equation. . . .

That's the point, when orthodox physics discarded the aether and bought
into Einstein, it screwed up everything....

Many have long been working to restore it and get back to aether/zpe as
it freely shared plan or kit or device of working hardware
that anyone can build and tap the aether/zpe and much of Einstein is out
the door....

I guess you could call that one of the goals of KeelyNet since I don't
see how we can get free energy or gravity control using any Einsteinian

That includes the realization that GRAVITY IS A PUSH,
because aether/zpe is a PUSH,
the Casimir force is a PUSH,
matter is aggregated and sustained by being pushed together
and matter can be caught in the flow of the pushing effect

into larger matter so that the smaller matter experiences

'weight' due to 'gravity' time....we WILL have a working proof
that will cascade like dominoes into all kinds of neat things that
people will be using in their everyday lives.

For an interesting set of papers showing how the Lorentz contraction and
the Michelson/Morely experients screwed everything up, I suggest you

for a Russian view of it that I find fascinating. Interference is a
serious key to unlocking this.

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