Re: Non-Disclosures a Legal Entrapment

eric reed ( (no email) )
Sat, 17 Jul 1999 05:09:52 GMT

I'm of the opinion that all idea's I find with regards to alternative energy
are freely shared, with non-profit in mind. The world's gov'ts have for the
most part raped their populations with over taxation and I think any cheap
alternative energy system should be given to the world freely, that is not
to say I wouldnt hope for some financial gain in the long run for the idea
of course, but it wouldnt be the primary objective. And the thought of
hoarding ones idea's from those whom might be able to use your information
to further enhance their own idea's in a very productive fashion seems
counter productive collectivly. Is not GREED the primary driving force in
politics now days, and look at the condition our nation is in through greed,
lets get away from greed and solve these energy questions whose answers will
one day come about by the way of sharing idea's and research.

>From: "Jerry W. Decker" <>
>Subject: Non-Disclosures a Legal Entrapment
>Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 21:49:02 -0500
>Hi Folks!
>Something interesting regarding fairness and rational requests.
>What would you do if someone contacted you claiming they had AN IDEA for
>a free energy, gravity control or other device, yet HAD NOT BUILT IT or
>proven it yet?
>They want you to sign a non-disclosure for their IDEAs, not a working
>What do you do?
>If you sign it, then you are forever restricted from discussing any of
>those IDEAS publicly without risk of legal action.
>Is this a logical or fair request? Of course not.
>Up front you have no idea what will be talked about, so once they
>'share' that info through the non-disclosure release, you have sealed
>your fate and risk legal action in any future discussions if you happen
>to broach ANY OF THOSE IDEAS, either publicly or privately that can be
>overheard, copied, recorded or otherwise traced.
>It is simply an irrational and unfair teaser for information.
>Even if they claim to have a working device, saying if you want to know
>more, you'll have to sign a non-disclosure, up front, without ever
>seeing the machine, without having a chance to duplicate it or test it,
>is that rational? Of course not.
>It is a subset of greed and control, not blatantly exposed but certainly
>showing something that is most unpleasant and to be avoided like a
>rattlesnake with its tail in the air.
>I understand trust and I understand that some things are proprietary and
>if you agree to not release or share certain SPECIFIC PROPRIETARY
>INFORMATION (meaning you are developing a product) fine, then it will be
>kept confidential as a matter of trust.
>I'm sure many of us have confidential information that we agreed not to
>share and thats fine, please DO KEEP IT SECRET if you have agreed to do
>so and you are serving as a consultant or sounding board for their
>However, what would happen to the world if everyone thought like that
>and required non-disclosure of ideas or unproven devices under possible
>threat of litigation if you happen to mention it?
>One famous researcher and writer whose name I won't mention signed a
>non-disclosure with the financiers of a certain well known, now deceased
>researcher. When he happened to mention a couple of the ideas publicly,
>word got back to the financiers (who never were able to duplicate the
>invention anyway), they filed a lawsuit and won an approximate $30,000
>judgement against this researcher/writer.
>It was an extreme and unnecessary hardship on him and it was all caused
>by the researcher/writer wanting so badly to have an inside track on
>what could be a world shaking discovery. But it backfired in a very big
>So be VERY WARY of anyone wanting you to sign a non-disclosure, for any
>reason...calm down, take a few breaths...I know we all want to believe
>so badly and we all want proof, but not by signing away our right to
>freely discuss ideas and technology.
>IF ITS REAL, IT WILL EVENTUALLY BE what if you aren't
>the FIRST to have it, like George Carlin says, he doesn't care about
>being first, as long as he is NEXT....and it will in time come down to
>all if its real.
>My policy has been that for years now but recently I had two email
>teasers within one month offering a 'new discovery' with no details
>offered yet asking for me to sign a non-disclosure....I don't want to
>know anything so badly that I would sign away my freedom of speech.
>The world WILL change to this 'information should be free' atttitued as
>KeelyNet and many in the alt science fields have long practiced (since
>1988 for KeelyNet) and which the Internet has proven works quite well.
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