Re: Non-Disclosures a Legal Entrapment

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Fri, 16 Jul 1999 23:08:07 -0500

Hi Ren et al!

You wrote;
> ...(snip)...I for one have reviewed a lot of my convictions
> because of the lively discussion on all sorts of topics which
> are all inter related in some way.

That's PRECISELY it, Ren! So much of what we are all interested in
correlates, ties-in or reinforces other areas, to be restricted by one
or more broad ranging non-disclosures would be a great technigue for
suppression and to just shut people up.

One mention of something you had heard or been told after signing, and
that getting back to the person who holds the signed non-disclosure
paper and they could rake you over the coals financially as well as
shutting you up....that would be a total shame.

If its for real, it WILL come out and filter down to everyone ANYWAY, so
its not all that important to beat the 'Joneses' who have the newest,
snazziest gadget....its a weird thing, trying to outdo others.

Like the newest Star Wars, wait in a line for hours to get your tickets,
then wait in another line for the movie, only to sit in a totally
crowded theater with people talking, coughing, making noise, going out
and in during the movie or just be patient.

Choosing to overcome the 'pressure' of SEE IT NOW, be the first on your
block, don't follow the lemmings (which I'm pretty sure most of us
don't, mavericks that we are) and wait 2-3 weeks when you can go in with
half a theater, instant tickets, instant seats, low noise level and
enjoy the movie....I'll take the latter any day...<g>..

Anyway, I certainly learned from the guys $30,000 experience...sad, he's
a great guy and I don't think he released anything that critical or even
useful in duplicating what the investors had no clue about anyway.

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