Re: One Terminal Capacitor

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 21:47:55 -0500

Hi Bill et al!

Here is the latest email from Joseph with regard to your question about
electrostatic repulsion;

Maybe I can explain it differently: If you rub a comb, you can pick up a
very small piece of paper. Reason: The polarity is opposite, they
attract. The comb may be negatively charged and the piece of paper

After a while that piece of paper snaps off. It does not fall off. With
good ears you can hear it getting kicked off, otherwise use an

It has attained the same polarity as the comb. You try to pick it up. It
won't be picked up, until you touch it and thus discharge it's
electrical charge.

Now when this sphere sits on the ground, and the 1-terminal part of the
capacitor inside it is "on" the sphere becomes e.g. positive, and that
positive charge (or at least part of it) goes to the "ground." which
tries to absorb the charge and dissipate it.

But the next pulses, that are also positive make that earth (comb) feel
uncomfortable, it cannot absorb these same type of charges, it gets
annoyed with that darn piece of paper (sphere) and repels it.

A simple type of a monopole voltage generator can be made. by using a
variable capacitor, as used in your radio (specially the older kind),
which gets charged up to 100 volts DC.

Make sure that it does not arc over!

Then you turn the capacitor to it's lowest capacity setting, and you
have a much higher voltage on either of the plates.

Positive on one set of plates (e.g. the rotator) and negative on the
stator plates. Do not touch! You will get a heck of a jolt. When used
together with a capacity amplifier (a power tube of the 6L6 type), it
can kill you.

Do not attempt if you have heart problems!

This is the system I believe that was used in the so-called Philadelphia
experiment. So stay alive! Till nettttts Joe Hiddink

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