Re: One Terminal Capacitor

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 21:25:29 -0500

Hi Bill et al!

I have extended an invitation to Joseph to join the discussion list but
not received a response yet. It would be great if he'd come onboard for
awhile and answer some questions as I am confused as heck..<g>..

This flow business is destroying my little mind...and I can't help but
think I (we) are missing something which I hope he can clarify as he's
built the things and seen unusual effects.

His descriptions about the Egyptian and holy water business is certainly
new, at least to my view. The idea that you could use dirty or doped
water to increase conductance I have no issue with, but I can't see any
amount of electrostatic energy lifting a mass USING ONLY ELECTROSTATIC

However, IF there IS some kind of aether/zpe/gravity deflection taking
place, now we might have a way of explaining it....

In support of this contention of 'something about high voltage' that we
all are missing, the priest guarding the Ark of the Covenant says the
stellae (obelisks) were cut and moved with the 'celestial fire' that
comes from the Ark, a giant Leyden jar.

The Dendera photographs, clearly high voltage with the shielded cables
and 'Crookes' tubes. (purpose unknown after 3,000 years)

The Farrow device using spiked electrical interruptions to lower weight.

The Hamel and Searl devices, using self rotating magnetic disks that
attract and accumulate tremendous quantities of ions to produce a plasma
that makes the thing fly off into space (they glow different colors
before they take off).

The Hyde and Testatika electrostatic devices for pulling power from

His 'take' on the Perrigo device as an electret??? Now by god, that's
novel....and something Perrigo could have well done in 1911, used a high
voltage DC to polarize cooling wax and make an electret.

You've probably heard about the claim that you can build a giant
electret, possibly in multiple stacks, like a big capacitor, one side is
attached to an antenna to milk/recharge the electret.

The other side of the electret is supplied to a load which is connected
to EARTH ground. The energy from the electret is notoriously weak and I
always questioned this idea but what if?????

There are numerous historical reports of people who claimed and seemed
to prove that they could tap enormous amounts of power from the air, so
what is the secret?

Perhaps someone out there has the plans or reports on this claim? I've
seen it and should have bought the information, probably Rex Research.

Maybe there is a combination of one or more electrets and a multi plate
capacitor that has properties we don't yet realize.

With all these oddities, I won't limit my thinking to say it cannot
happen because of the normal electrostatic principles......what is going
on is definitely NOT normal and precisely why most of us are
here..<g>....looking for weirdness or anomalies that we can duplicate
and use for practical purposes....

I hope Joseph joins the list as he certainly has some refreshing views
and seems to have picked up on something which correlates with all this
high voltage stuff...he did say 1200 applications had been identified
that the phenomenon makes possible.

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