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Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 17:22:02 -0500

Hi Bill et al!

I sent an email to Joseph Hiddink at enclosing
your question about Bill McMurtry's comment;

"In every HV experiment I've done, where charged plates are capacitively
coupled to either an oppositely charged plate or to ground, I have
always observed an attractive force between the ground plate and the
charged plate - whatever its polarity. Perhaps Joseph is refering to
something different when he relates this information about mutual
repulsion between a charged plate and ground?"
That's what I don't get about this does one get
electrically 'deeper' or lower than the earth ground??????? Seems like
you'd get reversed lightning, where energy would move towards the
greatest negativity.

As I understand it;

The earth is the master reference of ground, meaning the lowest energy
level, the lowest negative. When clouds build up a charge that is high
enough in 'pressure'/voltage to overcome the capacitive dielectric of
the air, it discharges to the lowest negative well, which is the earth.

Lightning sends out a very thin, almost invisible streamer, scanning the
earth for the lowest potential, looking for an ingress through a point,
if it can't find it, it will take whatever path it can find to relieve
the pressure. And there is reverse lightning that moves from the earth
up INTO the clouds.

As I understand reverse lightning, the earth is like a giant body of
compressible fluid (electricity) which moves through the earth in
pressure waves. Stubblefield and others who claim to have successfully
tapped these currents as 'earth energy' say that mountain ranges and
such act like a beach on which waves of these moving currents break,
creating intensifications that can be tapped.

Its a matter of connecting a load from a low energy density to a high
energy density so that the differing pressures will equate THROUGH the
load to do work.

I think the problem here is the idea of what is a stable reference? And
there is NO stable reference to my view, since the earth energy
concentrations do change perhaps in clouds or waves and therefore the
ground reference level must also change.

The reference is the lowest energy level when compared with a higher
level, that creates the difference of potential and if there is a
conductive path, the higher potential MUST flow into the lower potential
until they both are equal.

So plus and minus are confusing, when really it is high potential
flowing to low to simply achieve equlibrium OR is it this plus/minus
thing coming to a neutral state OR is this comaring apples to oranges?

That is the premise of aether tapping, that it is a high potential that
is flowing into the lower potentials (holes in space) of matter, trying
to fill it up, it precipitates as matter which must eventually
redissolve back into energy (probably based on spin direction) because
the mass eventually charges up so much with energy that it will dissolve
matter back into energy, to again become one with the background aether
energy level.

Joseph says you charge up a mass to such a high negatively polarized
potential that it must repel from the earth since it is negative also.

I can't see this happening because high voltage will eventually
discharge in the form of a bolt of energy into surrounding lesser
potentials, in this case the earth except that these are electrons that
he is speaking about and they always repel other electrons.

Even Ken Shoulder's charge clusters are electrons that are foced to
stick together like a bunch of grapes until they hit a conductive mass
and then they explode in all directions due to the mutual repulsion.

Now he could be referring to some kind of coulomb current except that
implies positive to negative OR electric field lines but then again, it
might be a direct aether/zpe interference which I doubt at this point
since all prior reports of f/e or antigrav anomalies I've seen require
alternating current, not the electrostatic DC.

electroscope n : detects electric charge; two gold leaves diverge owing
to repulsion of charges with like sign

Electrostatics is the study of charges, or charged bodies, at rest. When
positive or negative charge builds up in fixed positions on objects,
certain phenomena can be observed that are collectively referred to as
Static Electricity.

The charge can be built by rubbing certain objects together, such as
Silk and Glass or Rubber and fur; the friction between these objects
causes Electrons to transfer from one to another with the result that
the object losing electrons acquires a positive charge and the object
gaining electrons acquires a negative charge.

Electrodynamics is the study of charges in Motion. A flow of electric
charge constitutes an electric Current. In order for a current to exist
in a conductor, there must be an Electromotive Force (EMF), or Potential
difference, between the conductor's ends.

Two particles of like charge, both positive or both negative, repel each
other; two particles of unlike charge are attracted (see Coulomb's Law).
The electric Force between two charged particles is much greater than
the gravitational force (see Gravitation) between the particles.

Many of the bulk properties of matter are ultimately due to the electric
forces among the particles of which the substance is composed.
Hmmm....the greater the in the more electrons, the more
repulsion from the earth.

This leads me to CONCENTRATION OF CHARGES in a given area. The earth is
a vast body full of electrons but SPREAD OUT over a wide area. If you
measure the electron concentration in one area, it would be relatively
weak, but taken as the whole body of the earth would be enormous.

So, if you could provide a concentration of negative charges as claimed
by Hiddink, would it discharge into the earth as a lightning bolt? Why
if it is pure electrons/negative charges which mutually repel? And that
is the source of my puzzlement;

if electrons repel electrons and
positrons repel positrons
how does difference of potential come into play
like charges repel, no matter what energy density they are?

Wouldn't this mean that the higher quantity of electrons MUST flow into
the lower quantity of electrons by virtue of difference of potential
trying to come to equilibrium?

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