Re: Popov waterheater.

Marinus Berghuis ( )
Fri, 09 Jul 1999 15:08:59 +1200

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>Hi Folks!

Hi all,

wonders never cease !!
If what is stated is a workable gadget, What are we mucking around with
other gadgets for ? Better find out how to construct the capacitor without
having to try all sorts.!!
While waiting on bearings for my vimana experiment, decided to try the
Popov hot water heater and can report the following:
Pump centrifugal high flow, make onga 1/2 h.p. capable of delivering 252
litres per minute.
pumping it into a 3 inch stainless steel pipe 2 foot 6 " long,
at this point just circulating. Had to balance the input and output to stop
cavitation with a restricter in the output side, size 12.5 mm.
After 1 hours run, 350 watts used, heated the water from 11 degrees
centigrade to 23 degrees centigrade
A conducter placed in the centre pulses with voltage measured on a Dick
smith multimeter 2.568 volts d.c or a.c measurement.
Ampere 358 micro amps.
Pulses go from total zero to the numbers shown at 40 pulses per minute.
I would appreciate it if anyone has a working unit with the claimed
efficiencies, can contact me with their set up.
I have transparent ends in my receiver and can observe two counter rotating
flows as stated but probably need to increase the pressure i.e. restrict
the flow some more
to give greater velocity to the vortex.

Comments from other experimenters will be appreciated.