Re: One Terminal Capacitor

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 19:48:07 -0500

Hi Folks!

Here is another interesting email from inventor Joseph Hiddink about use
of one terminal capacitors and their effects;
Ajax, Ontario, Canada -- July 7 1999

Re : Mr Berghuis
Subject : Van de graaf generators:

A Vandegraaff can only deliver a very small amount of power continously.

It is not accumulative. The capacitor/ sphere gets charged up in about 1
second, and releases that energy in less than one millisecond.

So with the values I quoted (Which are easily rational) you have 1
microfarad at 1000 volts, energy is 1 millicouloumb. Release it in one
millisecond, and it acts as one coulomb.

For energy purposes: If you have two of the same polarity, point
charges (spheres) of 1 coulomb, one meter apart, the repelling force is
one million tons.

Make one of the spheres stationary and the other one rotatable, and you
have a power generator. That is what you will have in your backyard, at
a reduced scale, so you can heat your outdoor swimming pool in 40 below

Bigger space ships in the form of Zeppelins, can have repeller beams to
stay up, and attractor beams, separately, that can beam you or anything
else up. Like Science fiction of the 30's, but it all can be done.

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