Re: One Terminal Capacitor

eric reed ( )
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 13:15:13 GMT

I agree whole heartidly that charged spheres by certain methods will be the
key to many new uses for stored and changed energy states, also I think we
have clues in mother nature we can learn from and manipulate those mechanics
and dynamics and create a wonderfull blend of mother natures principles that
are refined and utilized for specific purposes of transportation / home
energy sources, aura borealis, this being essentually a non-uniform magnetic
field that converges in the north where upon charged particals streaming
from the sun find themselves traveling an ever tighting helix in this field
and begin to react with the air producing light..... surely we can use this
principle in a much more consintrated fashion via magnetic induction useing
NON-UNIFORM magnetic fields !!! a little hint from nature her self !!!

>From: Marinus Berghuis <>
>Subject: Re: One Terminal Capacitor
>Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2000 18:49:40 +1300
>At 19:23 29/06/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Good evening all,
>Joseph and the terminal capacitor.
>I have done experiments with a van der graaf generator that proved to me
>that what Joseph says about spherical capacitors is right.>
>I even designed a flying saucer but could get no one to come in with me.
>A high voltage potential can be directed over a disc to form a tornado
>underneath which lifts the disc with ease.
>3 tesla coils in a circle driven by reasonably small currents will give you
>all the potential you need for the spheres to act as lifting and steering
>1/2 a p.s.i atmospheric pressure reduction over the top of a 30 foot disc
>22.72 tonnes (only good as long as there is air.)
>Can be made in model form but needs to be about 3 foot diameter.
>For exact dimensions see Bruce Cathies analysis of the Adamski Flying
>saucer photograph.
>Too poor to attempt anything now but all you thinkers should have no
>difficulty setting out the mechanism providing you do not forget a
>gyroscope to keep the thing on an even keel.
>Something to chew on.
>Happy hunting
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