Eclipse produced gravitational anomalies

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You might want to check out this interesting Foucault
Pendulum experiment which will be greatly expanded

"A remarkable disturbance has been observed at the
time of the total solar eclipse--June 30, 1954.
...[which] cannot be considered as due to the
disturbances of an aleatory order [chance].

"Neither can it be considered as produced by an
indirect influence of known factors (temperature,
pressure, magnetism, etc.). Finally, it cannot be
identified with periodic lunisolar effects resulting
from the actual theory of gravitation."

Maurice Allais, 1959, from the abstract of his
articles in Aero/Space Engineering
"If something strange is happening to Foucault
pendulums during solar eclipses, then it's a real
mystery," says Noever. "Is it some gravitational
effect, a peculiar manifestation of tides, or
something else entirely?

The idea that some unexplained aspect of gravity is at
work seems nonsensical when you consider that it would
seem to imply planets spinning out of their orbits
over very long time scales (among other things).

Also, why would the effect show up only during a solar
eclipse? The Sun, the Moon, and the Earth are nearly
aligned about once a month near the time of the new
moon. A solar eclipse takes place when they are
precisely aligned. If something is happening to
gravity once a month, wouldn't we have noticed by
"What we will do is what we do most weekdays,"
explains Noever, "that is, we'll measure the
gravitational field in our lab with a precision of
about 1 part in 10 billion.

Our eclipse observations will be coordinated with a
another research team in Denver - separated by 1500
miles and 8,000 feet in altitude. Afterwards we'll
compare records and see if we detected anything

Noever and his colleagues also hope to enlist the aid
of other scientists around the world with access to
Foucault pendulums, to exactly reproduce Allais’
experiments on August 11.

There are more than 60 Foucault pendulums located in
museums and entrance halls, and thousands of amateur
versions around the globe. Near the path of totality
there are major Foucault pendulums at the Hall of
Justice in Brussels, St Isaac's Cathedral in
Leningrad, the Pantheon in Paris, and the UN Building
in NY. Each one represents an opportunity to check
Allais’ results.
speeding up of 3 spacecraft as they leave our system;

The accelerations are so persistent that they could be
pointing to some relevant physics that's been
overlooked in trying to explain the motions of bodies
in the universe.

The research has been accepted for publication in
Physical Review Letters.

"In order of decreasing probability the possible
causes are some systematic effect associated with the
spacecraft; some subtle effect associated with our
tracking systems, which would be important to know for
space navigation; or some manifestation of 'new
physics,' " Nieto said. "By looking at the third
possibility we can examine how well 'normal' physics
works, which in itself gives you further insight into
the universe.
proposed explanation as gravitic doppler shift;

The reported anomalous acceleration of the Pioneer 10
spacecraft of -8.5X10^{-10} m/s^2 (i.e. towards the
sun) can be explained by a gravitational interaction
on the S-band signals traveling between Pioneer 10 and
the earth. The effect of this gravitational
interaction is a frequency shift that is proportional
to the distance and the square root of the density of
the medium in which it travels. If changes in this
frequency are interpreted as a Doppler shift the
result is an apparent acceleration directed towards
the sun. The gravitational interaction is caused by
the focusing of the signal photons in curved space
where in this case the curvature is related by the
density of the interplanetary dust.

Observations of supernova explosions halfway back to
the Big Bang give plausible evidence that the
expansion of the universe has been accelerating since
that epoch, approximately 8 billion years ago and
suggest that energy associated with the vacuum itself
may be responsible for the acceleration.


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