Toroidal F/E device?

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Sat, 12 Jun 1999 15:22:20 -0500

Hi Folks!

Received the following email claiming a successful f/e device using
You wrote;
> I would like to inform you that we have a working device that was
> developed by Omnidyne Inc. The device is very simple in concept and
> does not violate any laws of electrodynamics. The device is an
> electrical generator that uses a toroidal coil as the stator section.
> As you know toroidal coils trap 99% of the associated magnetic flux
> thus Lenz's law does not apply to this type of coil there is no flux
> around the conductor the external field does not exist it is all
> within the core of the toroidal. As you know all that is required to
> generate or induce a voltage is to have a relative motion between a
> conductor and a magnetic field.
> If there is a completed circuit then current will flow generating
> a magnetic field which in the case of the toroidal is trapped and in
> the case of other coils is external to the coil and in opposition to
> the flux field that induced the flow i.e. Lenz's law.
> The fact that the toroidal traps 99% of the associated flux is the
> same if you apply or induce a voltage. The torque of any electrical
> generator is due to the flux field interactions of Lenz's law.
> The magnetic force that the rotor encounters must be overcome by the
> application of an input torque but with our design we are able to
> trap this flux so that there is no external flux field to interact
> with that of the rotor thus we have eliminated about 90% of the input
> torque required to produce electrical power output.
> In the many models that we have produced we have learned many things.
> The most important is that the flux field interactions that exist in
> current generators also greatly reduces the amount of inductive
> reactance so by eliminating this flux field interaction we have a
> very large value of inductive reactance which drops the terminal
> voltage when current flows IxZ=voltage drop thus we have been working
> on this design issue and have developed several solutions.
> This is not a thermal dynamic system thus it does not violate any
> laws of thermodynamics.

I remember reading something about Omnidyne once before but as I recall
when I checked out the the website URK it had no information, just an
announcement that the information would be posted in future.

I did a search and could find no omnidyne webpage nor any reference in
the search engines for additional information.

Anti-Lenz tapping has been claimed in several mechanical free energy
devices though to my knowledge none are commercially available as having
been proven as overunity.

You gave no information as to power input vs power output which I find
puzzling. The closest thing I know about use of toroids is a version of
Sweets vta that used a bifilar type toroid and the mysterious Mark
Stevens or Steven Marks (though I understand the name isn't valid either
way) device which uses some kind of excited coil to produce energy from
the earths ambient magnetic field.

The video shows it on a glass table with no outside wires to any remote
power source, yet running several light bulbs. One guy walked across
the room with the thing in his hands and about every 3 feet or so, the
device would push up against his hands as if intercepting a magnetic
flux line.

The video has a lot of people interested and one of my contacts says a
multimillionaire funded the inventor which is how the video was
produced. The story was the inventor was blowing this investors money
bigtime on a fancy house and a very out there lifestyle.<g> that's
the story I was told, I don't know and I don't care about
interest was in the machine and how it works, can it be reproduced and
produce useful power, whether mechanical, magnetic or electrical.

Here is what I found on the Stevens toroidal coils;

The device is composed of circular coils of wire, on one planar frame,
with one coil inside the other, like two concentric rings, and with the
addition one or more permanent magnets that are inserted into the center
(or so?) of the inner coil ring.

It is supposedly tuned to the 7.23 Hz Earth's EM field.

It is shown in 3 sizes: about 10 inches in diameter, larger, and the
largest one was about 18-24 inches in diameter. They are placed flat
(parallel to the ground) in the air (on a glass table).

When the permanent magnet(s) is/are inserted, the secondary coil
registers an output of about 80-100 Volts, on a regular VTVM as seen on
the tape. The tape calls this Voltage DC, and also says that it is
around 5,000 Hz, which of course does not make sense.

The interesting thing is that when the output is connected to a regular
lamp light bulb, it lights up just fine - so the promoters say see! It
lights a 100 Watt bulb, so the Amperage must be 1 Amp...--> wrong...

And - when the device is operating, they say it has a resistance to any
lateral or rotational motion, like a gyroscope has that same resistance
to a rotational (only) motion
Is this the Omnidyne group in the next email to INE?

He wanted US$25 million up front for the secret. We are aware of the
concept and have been designing our own version [snip]. He is VERY
paranoid about publicity; [snip].

The outer toroidal coil overheats and has no magic factors inside it
other than a length of the coil which is cut until resonance is
established. In the core of this outer toroidal coil is the instrument
package. A magnet is used and a resonance is established using the
mechanical (Lorentz) forces developed in the coil. The system pulses
with a DC component.

Tuning is a function of the coil mass and cross-sectional aspect ratio.
It appears an elliptical cross-section is required in the coil. The
converter package in the center of the toridal coil appears to be a
circuit to convert the pulsed DC component to AC.

This whole device is a low-voltage, low frequency, high-current form of
the high-voltage, high frequency, low current Moray device. Each system
has its good and bad points....

Over Unity, solid state electrical output for lighting, no apparent
input, appears toroidal in geometry or similar to a Hendershot
Generator, will not demonstrate device running motors. Video tape shows
three devices of different sizes.

here is a rather negative report on this Steven Mark guy;
So, could you provide additional information about the input vs output,
the experiment protocols and maybe a rough layout?

Are you planning to sell it, or the plans or a working device?

What would you like me or others to do to assist?

Many would be interested for certain...thanks for any additional
information you can provide...

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