Re: Research into free energy claims.

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 23:40:22 -0500

Hi Ren!

Thanks but its still all BS until we get a working something...Bill
calls it my latest 'rave' and points out the error I made saying that
series caps give higher current when in fact they give higher
voltage...I should have looked it up...been awhile since I did anything
electronic, need to get back to it...anyway, the proof is at;

You know, I am having problems thinking backwards from normal
electronics...specifically with the idea that aether/zpe is high
potential energy that saturates everything. So creating the hole causes
it to flow in to fill up that hole. As it flows in, we MAKE it flow
through our load to do work.

As it fills up, the energy flow reduces because we no longer have the
polarized tension. So we have to maintain the hole.

What is intriguing is this implosive, cooling effect as the energy flows
in. Sweet (if he can be believed) reported it and Tom Bearden witnessed
it...he is the mystery voice in the Sweet video. Tom told me he was ill
at the time of the taping but could not pass up the opportunity to test
the device in the presence of Sweet. My point being the report of frost
when the wires were brushed against each other and that Sweet
accidentally shocked himself on the finger and it was number for days
from this 'negative current'.

That is a fascinating counterpoint to the idea of global warming and a
great argument to finance the discovery of working f/e
their use proliferated, the world would cool back to its natural
level...perhaps over the decades even risking 'global cooling'..<g>..

I plan to write up a paper on this as an inducement to governments and
industry to look into f/e as a solution to global warming...seeya!

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