excerpt from re: energy from free electrons

Jerry Wayne Decker ( jwdatwork@yahoo.com )
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 12:01:04 -0800 (PST)

Hi Folks!

I excerpted the following from the freenrg discussion list because it
had a good description of how to use phase conjugation to setup
conditions to extract power from the aether/zpe;


Bob Winchester wrote;
> So Tim, have you made any further progress on your 'theory' and
hypotheses about collecting the energetic electrons?
> Bob Winchester - rwinches@tm.net

Tim Vaughan wrote;
>> The idea is not to collect electrons, but to cause a transient
coherence or ordering of the free electrons that are constantly moving
in the crystal lattice of the copper in the wires.

I am not basing this idea on others theories but on the observations
of Joseph Newman, Leon Dragone, Dr. P.T. Pappas, Stephan Hartman and
J.L. Naudin.

Also it is based on the proven fact that there are electrons
constantly moving through a metal as a result of "zero-point energy"
of the electrons as well as thermal energy.

The "zero-point energy" of the electrons is very large and would
vaporize the metal if even a tiny fraction were to violate the pauli
exclusion principle that keeps them in a sort of superconductive
random perpetual motion.

The random zero-point energy dues not result in a net current because
there are just as many moving in one direction as another.

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