Jeanne Rousseau patent (vortex water)

Jean-Pierre Lentin ( )
Fri, 4 Sep 1998 19:14:49 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi all ! Just got back from the French patent office and found everything I

Jeanne Rousseau patent is :
n=B0 1 528 622
filed 09/23/1966 delivered 04/06/1968
"Procede de regeneration et de purification des eaux"
(=A8Process for water regeneration and purification)

Then there is an addition
P.V. n=B0 127 898 n=B094.214
filed 11/13/1967 delivered 06/09/1969

First patent is very brief, 1 page, no drawing.
There's not much details on the actual design. It creates 2 vortexes in a
mass of water, by means of 2 rotating disks/rotors with paddles.or blades.
These blades may be "of various size, number, material, flat or curved" (not
very helpful, there...), and may rotate in the same direction or contrary,
depending of the desired effect.
Effects mentioned are
1 / water purification - solved minerals precipitate and may then be=
2 / new type of detergent-less washing machine
3 / new type of hydrotherapy, through a special bathtub with 2 vortexes,
for skin cleansing, massage effect and peripheric vaso-constriction, and
"regeneration of tissues, due to ionic and electronic currents between the 2
vortexes. Intensity of these currents is variable, depending on design. On
the test model the potential diffference between the 2 rotating poles is 25

Addition has 2 pages and 3 drawings.
It's about the special bathtub.Design of disks and blades are clear from the
drawing. They turn in contrary direction. There's also 2 big deflectors, to
stabilize the vortexes. Inside the "treatment zone" (center of bathtub),
water has higher resistivity than near the sides, lesser rH2 (redox
potential) and a pH intermediary between extreme values at both sides. There
is a 25 mV potential difference between the 2 vortexes.

Now, Jerry, fancy about reveling in a gorgeous tissue regenerating bath ?=

If anyone's interested I'll be happy to snail-mail xeroxes (sorry, I have no
scanner) and do translations if needed.

PS. It was a very special day at the patent office. Workers were putting in
crates all the old leather bound volumes of indexes and full patents. "They
will never be seen again !" said the desk lady with sadness in her voice.