Remembrances of Jerry G. Gallimore

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Thu, 03 Sep 1998 21:37:51 -0500

Hi Folks!

I recently received an interesting post from someone inquiring about
Jerry Gallimore. Since it was one of his family members, I dredged deep
and here is the result with some private items deleted..<g>..;
I am very pleased to hear from you! Yes, I did know Jerry from several
conferences and we talked on the phone a few times. He always wanted to
come to Dallas and give a talk, preferably a workshop but we just never
got around to it between money and time constraints.

His main venue was the United States Psychotronic Association (USPA) as
he was a founder and I think director as well as presenting much of his
work at their annual conferences. I only went to one in Georgia and it
was most interesting.

I first met Jerry Gallimore at a conference in Irving Texas (a suburb of
Dallas) was the 1986 (I believe that was the year) Crystal
Symposium and Jerry was a speaker. He and I sat in the bar on several
occasions during the conference and discussed his work and many
different theories.

I was always a fan of his and admired his work greatly. I asked him
what did he feel was his single greatest accomplishment and suggested it
would have been the 'Handbook of Unusual Energies'....I was dumbfounded
when he said no, he felt his absolute best work that had all kinds of
very major keys to the universe hidden in it, was 'Transverse

He went into a discussion of a peculiar scalar wave detector that he'd
discovered and drew it out on a napkin at the bar. I met him at another
conference another time and I think there was a third and by then we
knew each other and so hung out a bit either by phone or at the

I think it was about 3 or 4 years after the Crystal Symposium that Jerry
called me up one day and made an unusual offer. He asked if I had a
non-profit foundation setup or knew of one having a private library
where books could be kept and studied by researchers in perpetuity. At
the time I did not and still don't but working on it.

He said he had over 300 pounds of research material that he'd collected
when writing his various books and wanted others to be able to study
that material to aid in their research. He wanted to donate these to
Vanguard Sciences (my company) ONLY IF we could guarantee the material
would be available to researchers for many years to come. Unfortunately,
I was not able to guarantee that so had to decline. He said all it
would take was to pay shipping from there to here.

On hearing Jerry had died I was very saddened. I had the chance to meet
and talk with him about many things. He was without doubt a genius and
I think people haven't BEGUN to realize what all he discovered and the
many applications that will one day come from his basic discoveries when
they are more closely examined.

For instance, in one bar conversation he said he'd found a way to alter
the geometry of any circuit board, especially a computer motherboard, so
that it would increase its operational speed by 1000% and that the
circuits would run cool in the process!

I asked how he would do this, plying him with drinks (naw, just kidding,
didn't do that) but he said I and others KNOW the answer and that we
could figure it out if we'd only think deeply about it. He indicated
this secret was hinted at in the Transverse Paraphysics book.

Years before I ever had the opportunity to meet Jerry, I had been told
he had been nominated for the Nobel Prize in the early 60's for his work
with controlled crystal formation. You see, before there were
integrated circuits that now are ubiquitous, there were just discrete
single or dual transistors.

Integrated circuits have thousands and even millions of tiny
transistors, capacitors and diode junctions on the substrate of the
wafer. In the manufacturing process, in the early days, they considered
themselves very fortunate to get even 30% yield from a run of circuits.

That means only 30 out of every 100 IC's were good enough to use, i.e,
without imperfections, mostly from crystal growth problems. Jerry in
his crystallographic research had discovered techniques that greatly
increased the yield of these IC batches upwards of +90%.

To my knowledge he NEVER profited from this and yet I've met only a
couple of people who knew of his contribution to the electronics
technology of our times.

I asked Jerry about this and he said yes he had been nominated but
didn't say by who and just shrugged his shoulders when I asked why he'd
never been credited with this most important contribution to science.
He said that's the way it always was with his research, scraping
together parts, money and time to do even basic experiments.

A bit more information that you might not be aware of, at the crystal
conference, he had these amazing films he'd made using either 8mm or
16mm color movie film. He had long ago proven to himself that crystals
emit energy and wanted to make visual records of it.

He figured he could put a crystal in a sealed box that was light tight
and try to see or photograph this energy. His early studies found that
film placed near the crystal in such a box would be fogged with fuzzy
nebulous patterns.

So he knew he had to FOCUS the energy from the crystal. He tried
cameras with normal glass lenses and got nothing so he realized the
frequencies were probably in the UV region which were blocked by glass.

Because he didn't have funds to buy a quartz lense (quartz transmits
UV), he figured he could use a PINHOLE CAMERA and get what he needed. I
thought it brilliant, without whining about not having the money to do
the experiment, he improvised. The results were spectacular.

He would focus the pinhole image of the lighted crystal onto a backplane
which held the sheet of film until he got a sharp clear image. Then he
would close the box to make it light tight and slide the unexposed film
in the box. After 24 hours, he would process the film and get these
brilliant bluish lights streaming off the crystal.

Now the lights weren't exactly rays but kind of fuzzy as if the RAYS
WERE MOVING...this means he couldn't see these rays clearly unless he
could do single shot exposures for instant pictures. The problem was
the silver nitrate on the film responded SO SLOWLY to these weak
energies that it took 24 hours to get a decent exposure.

Again, Jerry's genius prevailed and he found that he could place a
powerful magnet near the film which would sensitize the silver nitrate
so that it could take the picture in seconds or he could see
much clearer rays but still a bit fuzzy, indicating they were moving.

Again, Jerry rigged up an old movie camera with these powerful magnets
on one side of the film as it entered the sealed box, this way the
silver nitrate was activated to record these streamed movie images and
these were the films he showed us at the Crystal Symposium...yep, I and
several others there were just blown away as you could see these rays
just dancing around, waxing and waning under the direction of some
unseen force, possibly due to GRAVITY some researchers
also claim crystals sense gravity flows.

But, there is more...Jerry used this same kind of pinhole camera, light
tight box with a piece of insulated wire carrying a 60hz AC signal from
the wall...guess what, it glowed as the same kind of energy leaked
through the black insulation showing the energy flowing through the

Jerry said those original films would be in the 300 pounds of material
that he would gladly send IF WE HAD A PLACE to store them so other
researchers could reference them.

Nowadays, you could convert these over to video and sell them along with
maybe a documentary on Jerrys work, that is if you have access to all
that wonderful material that he certainly sacrificed so much for. I
just hate it that he wasn't funded by some company or group, he had so
much to offer and would have really gone to town as director of his own
R&D Lab.

And there is even something WEIRDER, Jerry showed one film about 3 times
and each time, the images were SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT. He didn't clue us as
to what to look for, just said watch this closely and you could clearly
see the changes.

He said this was something he'd discovered and called Series 9 phenomena
or Series 9 effect, I forget the exact term, it could well have been
Series N (where N=infinite), its been about 12 years ago. It had what
he believed to be HOLOGRAPHIC recording of the images on two dimensional
film and the images altered based on the intensity and/or the angle you
viewed the film from!!!!

Now, I don't know of anyone who has ever duplicated this and I SAW this
SAME film image change the 2nd and 3rd time he ran it. Very bizarre and
I think it opens entirely new REALMS of research paths for time cameras
and other possibilities.

In our brief meetings, Jerry would get pretty wasted and I've been told
by others who also knew him that he would give you the shirt off his
back or give away whatever secrets he had for drinks. Not that he was
selling out just that he liked to talk about his work and there are so
many out there who don't appreciate genius and won't hesistate to use
them without any thought of compensation....very disturbing but the
world is full of snakes.

Anyway, that's what I know about Jerry Gallimore and it would be great
if someone could pull together all the information about him and
document that crystal/Nobel connection. Good to have made contact, hope
it proves of use to you.

If you knew Jerry Gallimore, please write to me with a brief synopsis so
I can get you in contact with his relatives who are working on a history
of J.G. Gallimore...thanks...send to

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