Mr. Thumpy

Garry Whitman ( )
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 22:34:52 EDT

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anybody has experimented with Dr. Bob Beck's pulser and Mr.
Thumpy. I have built both but have not attained the power that Dr. Beck
recommends. In his article, I think he stated that you should get something
like twelve to fourteen inches of height out of a small washer. The most
powerful pulser that I have built got only about five inches out of the washer
and the Mr. Thumpy only rattles the washer a slight bit. For the pulser, I
used a very large AC professional photo flash with huge capacitors (old
though). For the Mr. Thumpy, I used a mini strobe from Parts Express. On the
box, it said that it produces 20 watts at 15 flashes per second. Is this too
weak to gain any benefit? The reason I bought this model is because Parts
express has a sale this month. One for $20 and the second for $10. I had
figured that this model would be at least as strong as the Radioshack Party
strobe but maybe I was wrong. Thanks for any suggestions.
Mike Takaki