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Thu, 30 Jul 1998 04:54:02 -0500

Hi Folks!

Continuing with the concept of inetial or matter waves and possible ways
to project them, some of the stories I've read or been told over the
years indicate high intensity pulsed waves focused onto a point over a
mass, might provide the umbrella to deflect aether/zpe flows into the

For example, one of my favorites is Edward Farrow as detailed at;

which correlates with a story told to me by Wil Wilson of Issaquah. You
will note in the Farrow paper that these 'condensers' were discharged to
produce high intensity magnetic pulses possibly directed to a common

Wil says in the 60's there was a newspaper article and a picture about a
local inventor who had 'developed anti-gravity'.

The picture showed a drum type cylinder with what appeared to be coils
or wire, like solenoids without a plunger all mounted on the outside top
rim of the drum and at about a 45 degree angle, pointing inwards. I
always figured the drum to carry a weight since the thing would
literally float in the air and you needed to keep this neutral center
point at the top, like a balloon holding a basket. The drum thus serves
as 'ballast'. Kind of like the Leviton top which uses angular velocity
to overcome the polar attraction to the magnetic base.

Doesn't this sound similar to the stimulated superconductor experiments
to produce a reduced 'gravity' field above the superconductor?? I am of
the mind that this is totally a diamagnetic effect since the weight
reduction does not appear UNDER the superconductor, however, if there is
an energy column shooting upward to DEFLECT incoming aether/zpe, that is
aether/zpe incoming to the earth which holds us to the planet like flies
on a wire screen, then it could really be a gravity reduction effect, at
this point, I'm still thinking it is diamagnetic repulsion to the earths
magnetic field, similar to the flying frogs.

This Seattle experiment sounds strikingly familiar to Farrows claims.
Wil said he vaguely remembers the details but the inventor 'kind of
disappeared' after that story was published...of course Issaquah is very
close to Seattle, one of the main Boeing camps according to a friend who
visits there often.

Does this not also resonate with the Kowsky/Frost experiment where they
bombarded a crystal with RF energy from two flat metal plates, spaced
apart and with the crystal in between. At a certain frequency, the
crystal EXPANDED and floated in the air, suspending a 1 kilogram weight.
This could well be similar to the magnetic or acoustic suspension where
two magnetic fields are balanced to suspend an object between the

In this case, it appears the RF energies coming in from both sides could
be balanced to form a soliton (bubble in space) standing wave inside the
crystal. This intense energy would deflect the aether/zpe influx and
cause it to lose weight so that it 'hangs' in the beam between the two
plates. It would be interesting to measure the weight of the plates
while emitting the RF to see if they weigh more while the crystal is
levitating, but I don't think they would.

It is yet again analogous to a ping pong ball held suspended in a stream
of air and yet again to the claim by Walter Baumgartner and Victor
Schauberger that an egg shape with the wide end facing up in a
sufficiently strong flow of water or air would float in the stream due
to vortex action...Schauberger says this is how fish remain relatively
motionless in rapidly moving streams.

Its interesting to see what is going on here...high density magnetic
pulses, just like Chernetskii talks about in his paper, not only with
the production of overunity but also as a thrust/propulsion device, all
using high density magnetic pulses in a vacuum to create a
unidirectional matter/inertia wave redirection.

So, in the case of the Seattle levitating drum, we have coils pointing
inward at 45 degrees so that the combined magnetic forces would produce
a very intense field in the center and above the drum. Now Keely talks
about the production of some of some of his more amazing phenomena and
using just such a concept as written up in the file listed as;

where there are two quotes having direct bearing (no pun intended) on
this quandary;

"We will imagine that, after an accumulation of a planet of any
diameter - say, 20,000 miles more or less, for the size has nothing
to do with the problem - there should be a displacement of all the
material, with the exception of a crust 5000 miles thick, leaving an
intervening void BETWEEN this crust and a centre of the size of an
ordinary billiard ball, it would then require a force AS GREAT TO
miles thickness.

Moreover, this small central mass would carry the load of this crust
for ever, keeping it EQUI-DISTANT; and there could be no opposing
power, HOWEVER GREAT, that could bring them together.

The imagination staggers in contemplating the immense load WHICH
we understand by a neutral centre."

now, for the really interesting point that has held me captive since I
was about 16 years old;

"In the conception of any machine here-to-fore constructed, the
medium for INDUCING a Neutral Centre HAS NEVER BEEN FOUND.

If it had, the difficulties of perpetual motion seekers
would have ended, and this problem would have become
an established and operating fact.

It would only require an INTRODUCTORY IMPULSE of a few pounds,

In the conception of my VIBRATORY ENGINE, I did NOT SEEK TO
HAS A NEUTRAL CENTRE, which is in a condition to be vivified
by my VIBRATORY ETHER, and while under operation, by said
OF THE MASS (OR GLOBE), and it is the wonderful velocity of the
vibratory circuit which makes it so.

Still, with all its perfection, it requires to be fed with the

and that is the crux of the whole matter, creation of an artificial
neutral center that serves to REDIRECT or DEFLECT the incoming
aether/zpe forces.

One final point. In my days as a UFO buff, I always went for the tech
details and finally just gave up with all the goofballs with alien
abductions and residual mess none of which could be proved or had
positive uses...however, one of several cases that fascinated me was Dr.
Dan Fry and his 'Incident at White Sands'.

We have two tuning forks, strike one and the other resonates until both
come to achieve the same energy level..this is nature establishing
equilibrium between polar forces (high pressure moving to fill low
pressure until they balance).

Now Keely says you can create an artificial neutral center. That means
a RESONANT neutral center. If you inject enough energy into an
artificial neutral center, the natural neutral center of the mass, being
at a lower potential will necessarly be DRAWN to the artificial neutral
center, like a goat attached to a wagon and following a carrot suspended
from a pole in front of it. As long as the goat can see the carrot, he
will pull the wagon.

Dr. Fry says in his particular case, he was shown the inside of an
'alien' ship and the method of lift and propulsion was described to him.

It consisted of two rings, each made up as large coils of wire. One
ring was in the top part of the ship, the other ring in the bottom. Dan
says these rings could be tilted so that the magnet fields projecting
from them could be made to combine at a point in space. Because the
rings could tilt, this point could be moved, like the carrot on the end
of the string attached to a pole.

If enough energy was put into these magnetic rings to create one of
Keely's artificial neutral centers, then the natural neutral center
would try to combine with the artificial.

So, since the natural neutral center is FIXED by virtue of the ships
mass hanging on it (as Keely specifies above), then if you place the
artifical neutral center to one side of the natural neutral center and
provide it with sufficient power, the ship will MOVE IN THE DIRECTION OF
neutral center since it is the suspension point of matter.

Now, if you place the magnetic artificial neutral center ABOVE the
natural neutral center and give it enough energy, THE SHIP MOVES UP,
chasing the artificial center, completely oblivious to 'gravity'.

And finally, what happens when you superimpose the artificial neutral
center on top of the natural neutral center? The mass BECOMES MORE
DENSE and its 'weight' will you have the
benefit of all my years of study in one something positive
with it, but be warned, I've not given up yet...<g>'s just a matter
of bucks...

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