Re: Draining aether holes

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 02:51:13 -0500

Hi Folks!

Chuck wrote the following about the Dendera vacuum tube images;
> Now to something more productive, while I have to look at
> the photo again, in one of the tubes it shows 2 snakes
> inter-twined, right? Well, what if they are not what they
> look like in 2-D?
> Think 3-D, and scale the illustration, then think about the
> color photo from Mary & Dean Hardy showing the energy coming
> from the top of the pyramid. What do you think?

That is a good point Chuck, looking down into the tube it might well be
circularly polarized which could further complicate matters if two such
waves are thrown against each other, like two springs, one way, they
pass right through each other, the other they collide.

I remember reading on several occasions over the years of 'matter waves'
and 'inertial waves', which appear to be some kind of entrained
zpe/aether response when matter is moved at high velocity and then
stopped...this is a key to the unidrectional drives, especially that of

The story about the jeep that levitated claimed to have a heavy rotating
metal cylinder that was electromagnetically braked for a split second
while running at high speed. This happened at a specific degree of
rotation so that the 'matter or inertial' pulses that shot off the heavy
weight always went in a preferred direction....UP...

Now, about push gravity, if there is in fact some kind of entrained
matter/inertial wave that gets locked into the rotation of heavy mass
and that mass is suddenly stopped, the angular momentum of the weight is
converted to a pulse of 'something' best described as a matter wave,
though it is also inertial.

Back to the Dendera tubes and the Chernetskii correlation...if you have
a plasma (as in MHD) that is rotating in a ring, you should be able to
electronically stop it at different frequencies so that it would put off
such a matter wave. The Dendera tube could put off one such matter wave
that could be directed into a heavy mass such as a pyramid block.

The question is, will this matter wave interact with the entrained and
pseudo static inertial field of the mass or with the inflowing

Just as braking a car will cause you to be thrown forward from entrained
aether, now you'd have the stone mass being thrown in the direction of
the inertial/matter wave.

Two, or even three of these tubes projected into a mass from either side
should allow for precise control of the effect.

Though, in my personal opinion, once the inertial field of the mass was
disturbed at the resonant frequency of the mass, the mass would ring
like a tuning fork, during which time it would experience a major weight
loss, depending on the intensity and exposure to the inertia/matter
waves from the Dendera projector(s).

Note, much of the Jewish technology which allowed for the production of
phenomena, attributed to their god, is in fact technology gleaned from
the Egyptians while the Jews lived there in bondage. Of course, the
Egyptians in turn were INHERITORS of this advanced technology and let it
die by not pursuing it or keeping the information open and in use. I
suspect this to be true since Dendera was the first temple built by
Egyptian pharoah Seti telling what information and possibly
technology is hidden underneath the floors of many of the ancient
temples, thought to have yielded all their secrets.

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