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"A vacuum TRANSMITS radiation AND force fields, so to refer to
it as being empty is INACCURATE. Real emptiness MUST include
in its definition reference to its INABILITY to PROPAGATE energy.

Such may be better termed "hyperspace". As to whether hyperspace
has the dimensions of space and time OR NOT is a topic for more
thought. It is easier to attribute the dimensions to THE SPACE
FABRIC IN hyperspace, THE ETHER.

The idea of an energy continuum throughout space occurred to
Dirac. On the basis of his theory, matter particles emerge
from a ground state and become PHYSICALLY OBSERVABLE. Material
ABOVE the ground state has a HIGHER ENERGY than the ground
state and so REQUIRES ENERGY to be dislodged.

The energy corresponds to the total energy of the particle,
its mass energy (mc^) and other potential or kinetic
energies. The theory, then, supposes that matter is OF
the substance of the ground state, that is, "empty space".

In comparison, the Lodge theory supposes that the ether
has a MAXIMUM of energy, and matter particles are a
LOWER ENERGY precipitate FROM the ether. The same idea, but
a difference of SIGN. However, this implies that the
appearance of matter is A PREFERRED state, and that the
creative process is a NATURALLY OCCURRING condition.

Heisenberg, in formulating the "unified field theory",
assumed a space fabric of some nature. To quote from the
Lindau Conference, 28th June 1962. "The discovery shows that
the different elementary particles are NOT Nature's building
bricks, completely independent of each other, but MANY
energy". From then on, the "fundamental substance" is

"The multiplicity of these forms corresponds to the
multiplicity of the mathematical symmetries of the basic

Sir Oliver Lodge imagined the space fabric as having
a microcellular structure, each cell being a vortex whose
size was of the order of the size of the fundamental
particles, or even SMALLER.

The medium was FRICTIONLESS and the rotational velocity
of the vortices related to the velocity of light. The
intrinsic energy of the ether was in the motion in the
vortices. This attributed an ultimate energy source TO

Lodge also imagined that the ether had an ENORMOUS INERTIA
and DENSITY. The inertia in mass WAS DUE TO THE ETHER IN
IT, and solidarity of matter was VIRTUAL.

A similar idea occurred to Karl Schappeller of Castle
Aurolzmunster in Inviertel, Austria (died 1947). According to
his philosophy, a change in space fabric (static potential)
gave rise to so-called primary magnetism which may be
interpreted as a type of AUTO-GRAVITATION.

This primary magnetism caused a gathering of the surrounding
space fabric and FROM IT issued more fundamental energy as
an INTENSIFICATION of the primary magnetism.

At a certain stage, the system reached an EQUILIBRIUM
the energy DENSITY reached a required level, matter would be
PRODUCED. The system would take up a spherical form in the
"natural" state and become what Schappeller called "glowing
>>>> Correlations and Getting to the Point <<<<

Within the past few years, I have come across two separate claims that a
vacuum can somehow be 'pumped' to produce electricity. One is a strange
device currently owned by a friend (and which WAS claimed to put out
50KW but which my friend cannot get to work), the other in the claims of
the hard to pin down Zielinsky, who claimed to have developed
transistors and integrated circuits which produced power WHEN PLACED IN
A VACUUM. He told this to Pat Flanagan who told it to me. I asked
Zielinsky privately about this and he got very defensive, refusing to

So, what I am getting at;

1) aether/zpe is an all pervasive high intensity multi
spectral energy sea
2) create a hole or bubble in space, aether flows in and
at sufficient interference matter forms

Doesn't this sound like sonoluminescence when you take Schappellers
claim of a 'glowing magnetism/plasma' where in its natural state it is
spherical and which appears when space is made more energy dense. At
that point, matter appears, shades of Star Treks 'replicators'!

Not to digress, my point is how to pull energy from this bubble or hole
in space since the background of space MUST MOVE IN TO FILL THE HOLE and
re-establish equilibrium in a given region.

The idea presented above of a piston pulling through a fluid to produce
suction bubbles is analogous to using a localized area of space where
the energy is rapidly rotated (maybe even VIBRATED) and possibly would
produce a temporary hole in space. Keely referred to this as creating
an artificial neutral center, done by using a silver & platinum wire.
Tesla also adapted this and claimed that if he could wrap a wire around
the equator of the earth, he could move it anywhere in space he wanted.

Grandiose yes, but it shows the definite phase relationship aspects of
exciting/stimulating matter to resonantly couple to the ambient energy
fields that form tracks or pathways in space.

As Tom Pawlicki says, the planets orbit in the grooves of these ripples
in space as energy emanates from the sun and interacts with the
reflected emissions from the planets to form the grooves.

So its a matter of LOCATING THE GROOVES, finding out their frequency and
adjusting the phase of a test mass so that it interacts with the
standing wave grooves in the energy fabric of space.

The ambient energy of the zpe/aether should be entrained to form such
grooves so they are already partially collimated. By tapping into this
partial collimation, our circuits should be able to tune into this sea
of energy as so eloquently stated by Henry Moray.

Now we come to the use of chaos theory and inertial drivers
(unidirectional forces). It is interesting to note what Chernetskii
says in the following document;


"I knew electron drift begins in plasma and sought to deduce a
combination of variables in which fluctuating plasma instability
emerged in discharge,"

The one-megawatt substation of the Moscow Aviation Institute, where
Chernetski and Galkin were staging an experiment with a powerful
plasma unit, burned out.

When the discharge currents reached criticality, superstrong
current was "born" in the generator and went back into the
network, playing havoc with the safety devices calculated for

This is how he explains his miraculous experiment:

"The self-generating discharge emerges when the discharge
currents reach a definite critical density, when the magnetic
fields they create ensure magnetisation of plasma electrons
and they begin to perform mostly cycloid movements.

>>> Cycloidal = inertial - refer Cook and Thornsen

The interaction of currents with their magnetic fields forces
the electrons to deviate to the cylinder-shaped discharge
axis and the electrical field emerges. It has proved to
'switch on' the physical vacuum: in this field the vacuum is
polarised and consequently the virtual pairs begin to move in
a definite direction, (>> Again, inertial drive!! <<) instead of

>>>> An inertially directed stream of electrons is directed
to the collector for removal and use <<<<

The virtual positrons accelerate plasma electrons, giving
them part of their energy.

The current in the circuit builds up and additional energy is
discharged on the resistor switched into the discharge circuit.
Clearly, only part of the tremendous vacuum energy is extracted.

"We've developed several circuit versions which can find
application. In the later experiment with an input power of
700 watts, that extracted by the generator loads resistance
was three kilowatts, or nearly five times more.

This is by far not the limit and with more powerful plants
and the corresponding calculations megawatts of free
electricity can be produced from a minimal power source."

>>> Here the same effect can be used for THRUST, ie. by entraining
the aether flows into a specific direction, so that matter
falls in a desired direction - Hamels 'Weight into Speed' <<<<

Laboratory experiments have proved the possibility of using the
kinetic effect of self-generating discharge for accelerating
bodies in space. Galkin has calculated the parameters of a
self-generating-discharge plasmatron that could serve as the
propulsion engine of the future, replacing the present unwieldy
rocket engines.

Powered by a minor ten-volt source, it can deliver power enough
for the takeoff of a large spaceship. Tapping the ambient
space vacuum, it could fly eternally.

Actually, our concept is a return to the idea of the universal
ether at an entirely new level. We say that the ordered
dipole vacuum, or ether, is an all-penetrating energy medium
in which processes occur which are related to virtual dipoles
and subject to the uncertainty principle of modern physics."
Velocity or vibration, both should impact the influx of aether at
certain critical densities (per Chernetskii) or speeds (per

This collection and redirection of incoming aether flows to produce the
unidirectional motion surely point to a different take on 'inertial mass

Interesting to note Chernetskii tubes use a vacuum and a 'critical
magnetic density' before the cycloid motion appears.

Some of the tie-ins with nature, including chaos/fractals but
specifically with 'pleomorphics' seems to have something to do with this
ability to 'mutate' into something quite different from what preceded
it, often having no obvious correlation.

Borderlands researcher Eric Dollard seems to have found high voltage
discharges which have natural, almost biological patterns which would
indicate that certain patterns are universal and definitely need to be
studied, not only the pattern itself but the energy density and
frequency(ies) necessary to produce the anomaly.
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