Claim of 60W ZPE device & ZPE URLs

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Sat, 06 Feb 1999 15:21:10 -0600

Hi Folks!

This website claims to have a circuit that produces 60 watts from ZPE
produced power. I sent an email to John but havne't received a response
yet. He indicates he will send a circuit diagram for duplication by
whoever asks, so I'm asking..<g> is the URL;

An offer from this same Skywell group to the Melchizedek group to share
the technology for release;

Exploiting the ZPE from Scientific American;

Interesting analysis of thermodynamic 'heat pump' which ties in with the
claims of Dennis Lee. However, with the use of sunlight as the main
heat source, the argument in the URL doesn't stand. There will be an
energy flow between hot and cold that can produce useable power.

You HAVE GOT TO READ THIS WEBPAGE!!! It is very thorough!;

Translational force using inertial type drive, (takes awhile to load but
it looks very much like Sandy Kidds device in Wales);

List of patents that claim overnunity production;

Phase conjugate gravitational engine concept;

A metaphysical blend with science about aether;
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