Re: 40% Overunity??

Jerry Wayne Decker ( )
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 14:55:48 -0800 (PST)

Hi Ken et al!

I was puzzled by your use of the term DIAC or DIRAC.

I found the following interesting page that gives all kinds of tech
information of various semiconductors with response graphs;

and this is the diac description;

as you can see, it responds at 20-40 volts in the microamp
I take it the DIAC was a typo and you were consistently referring to

No, after rereading it does appear you are talking about short spikes
produced by a DIAC...

There is a book that is sold by PACE up in Canada, headed by Andrew
Michrowski...Andrew was singing the praises of this book last time I
saw him at a conference and said I just had to get this book, so I
bought it. He said the secret to the majority of Tesla phenomena was
in this book and dealt with these impulses...I've excerpted key
comments from it to the discussion list earlier. The book has to do
with Tesla in court and arguing for his proof of first invention of a
host of devices...wherein he argues that all the cool stuff came from
his use of these sudden disruptive charges, apparently very high
amplitude, very short duration spikes.

Quite fascinating about the unusual effects that you listed, I don't
recall having ever seen those listed before so thanks for sharing them
with the list for study.

I suspect many of us are of the opinion that such discharges might be
a major key to disrupting gravity and maybe even tapping energy from
the aether/zpe, but no working machines yet...

---Kenneth Carrigan wrote:
> Jer, et all,
> see below....

> >But what if the fields, (electrical concurrent with magnetic
fields) are
> >already in place and he (Tesla) was tapping the potential derived
from the
> >oscillations referred to by Mr. Norris?
> >
> >
> >
> In Dec... there was this email I found that I just can not get off
my mind.. as
> it goes along with ALL my beliefs and more. Diac pulses I have always
> advocated which is essentially an infinite pulse with infinite
> comprised
> of all frequencies. Now Tesla was on to this... as he used it for
> some surprising affects... namely this.....
> "Tesla found that impulse duration alone defined the effect of each
> spectrum. These effects were completely distinctive, endowed with
> additional qualities never purely experienced in Nature. Moreover,
> observed distinct color changes in the discharge space when each
> range had been reached or crossed. Never before seen discharge
> did not remain a mystery for long. Trains of impulses, each
exceeding 0.1
> millisecond duration, produced pain and mechanical pressures. In this
> radiant field, objects visibly vibrated and even moved as the force
> drove them along. Thin wires, exposed to sudden bursts of the radiant
> field, exploded into vapor. Pain and physical movements ceased when
> impulses of 100 microseconds or less were produced. These latter
> suggested weapon systems of frightful potentials.
> With impulses of 1.0 microsecond duration, strong physiological heat
> sensed. Further decreases in impulse brought spontaneous illuminations
> capable of filling rooms and vacuum globes with white light. At these
> impulse frequencies, Tesla was able to stimulate the appearance of
> which are normally admixed among the electromagnetic energies
inherent in
> sunlight. Shorter impulses produced cool room penetrating breezes,
with an
> accompanying uplift in mood and awareness. There were no limits in
> progression toward impulses of diminished duration. None of these
> energies could be duplicated through the use of high frequency
> alternations, those which Sir Oliver Lodge popularized, and which
later was
> embodied in Marconi Wave Radio. Few could reproduce these effects
> so few understood the absolute necessity of observing those
parameters set
> by Tesla. These facts have been elucidated by Eric Dollard, who also
> successfully obtained the strange and distinct effects claimed by
> These FAST FAST rise times are essential! Now is this
> that is concentrated and used for Tesla's amazing experiments?
Sure!!! It
> was not anywhere near... pure current.. nor was it Electrons!! The
bus bar
> that Telsa used to light several lights.. also indicates NO
electrons could have
> done that. Floyd Sweet also manifested this amazing "current"
(which is NOT
> current but what??) Newmans motor.. which is close to overunity
uses these
> rapid arc discharges.. and lots of wire.
> Seem like Bearden was/is on the same track. Potential without
current... long
> wires.. more resistive says Telsa... and FAST make/break contacts.
> even abandoned his AC generation for his NEW methods of power
> and distribution. He definitely was onto something... and Diac is
the name of
> the game. Even the Rife Ray tube.. my opinion was that it ARC'd
over inside
> the tube.. with a "FLASH" that people had noted. That Flash was
probably an
> arc.. to allow for this concentrated aether. Also the PAPIM device
also pulses
> extremely fast.. like Dirac .. and is said to heal ones body or
> problems.
> I can go on and on.... with similarities using Dirac.. as even the
> Experiment can be said to use this principle. The Tesla generators
out today
> do NOT represent what Telsa was doing. It is the fast arc that must
be achieved
> for to capture concentrated OR/aether/vacuum and use it to elicit
> to electron affect.
> v/r Ken Carrigan
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