Tetrasil as a cure for AIDS?

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Hi Folks!

With regard to healing, in the last few years there have been claims
that a zinc tablet, placed in the mouth and allowed to dissolve would
produce an electrical flow from the mouth to the nose which will kill
'the' cold virus.

I have tested zinc tablets on myself when I have had a cold and found
that zinc tablets do indeed radically alleviate cold symptoms, including
watery eyes, draining sinus and sore throat. Commercial versions of this
include ColdEze.

The point here is that increasing the electrical conductivity between
tissues seems to have positive results.

Michael Slivinski recently posted this email to me which I am reposting
to the list as an item of interest with regard to increasing
intracellular electrical potentials for the purpose of healing.
Tetrasil: Cure for AIDS

Author: EEllinwood <eellinwood@aol.com>
Date: 1998/01/07
Forums: hiv.aidsweekly
Foundation for Incurable Diseases
28 Overland Avenue, Cranston, RI 02910
(401) 942-8399 voice/fax -
please limit faxes to 2 pgs (no cover needed)
06 January 1998 Release No.: 980106

For Immediate Release:


The Foundation for Incurable Diseases is pleased to announce it
has come to an agreement with Dr. Marvin Antelman of Antelman
Technologies, which will provide to those suffering from AIDS
a cure for little or no cost!

Dr. Antelman has developed Tetrasil (r) (tetrasilver tetroxide)
which is a patented bioinorganic antipathogenic molecular crystal
device. Tetrasil kills pathogens by electrocuting them!

Dr. Antelman, whose work throughout the years has varied from
innovative designs for nuclear submarine reactors and smart card
batteries, discovered that silver (Ag) actually is formed by Ag
and Ag3, and it is this discovery that lead him to the development
of Tetrasil. (Tetrasil is not colloidal silver.) Through the
construction of a molecular sized semiconductor, Dr. Antelman was
able to force natural silver (which is actually ag2) into its two
separate components of Ag and Ag3 and to keep them separate, thus
retaining the potential for an electron discharge. In layman's
terms, one section of the Tetrasil machine contains an extra
electron charge that desparately wants to cross to the other side,
but cannot due to the manner in which the molecular machine is
constructed. The molecular machine is, thereby, polarized and
charged, and remains so until triggered. The Tetrasil machine is
triggered when it comes into contact with a pathogen (thus the
reason for the name "anti-pathogenic molecular crystal device").
Pathogens (bacteria and virii alike) are drawn to the device by
strong covalent forces, and when they come into contact with the
machine they are locked into place by these forces. The extra
electron charge is then free to make its way to the other side of
the Tetrasil machine by traversing the cellular membrane of the
pathogen, which it immediately does. The 2 volt discharge
electrocutes the pathogen in the process. A chelation process is
triggered as a result and both the Tetrasil machine and the dead
pathogen bound to it are removed by the liver. The liver is
stressed, but not damaged.

Tetrasil is classed as an EPA Class IV substance - the SAFEST
rating available, which means it is safe for human consumption.
EPA Class IV status is equivalent to FDA Stage One approval.

Tetrasil has redefined the standards by which the govt. judges
efficacy against e-coli: nothing works faster and more effectively
than Tetrasil.

In human clinical AIDS trials, a SINGLE IV injection of Tetrasil
cured 8 of 10 terminal AIDS patients, who showed no sign of disease
one year after treatment. The two other patients succumbed due to
the damange already inflicted by the disease. It was too late for

Tetrasil will be distributed:

- as a cure for FAIDS (feline AIDS - 30% of all cats suffer from
the disease) in the USA, for which FDA approval is not needed.
- as spray disinfectants and wipes
- as treatment for drinking water and waste water (no poisonous
chlorine needed any longer)
- as disinfectant for cooling towers (no more legionaires disease)
- and many other uses

Dr. Antelman turned down millions of dollars from an NIH associated
group that wanted all rights to Tetrasil because he knew they would
make the treatment too costly or suppress it altogether.
(Dr. Antelman knows how the system works and is disgusted by it.)

Tetrasil has the potential to cure practically all disease caused
by pathogens, from TB, to the common cold. Dr. Antelman, an
orthodox rabbi, is a righteous man, who seeks to help ease human
suffering, not profit from it. (Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman is
a member of The Supreme Rabbinic Court, aka 'the Sanhedrin',
the oldest established court in the world.)

The Foundation for Incurable Diseases needs public support to
bring this modern miracle to the people of the world.

The pharmaceutical industry is already rallying to stonewall
distribution of Tetrasil, because it will replace all their
poisonous (and highly profitable) treatments for AIDS -- all of
which will kill a healthy person. Help us fight the true killers
-- the pharmaceutical industry. More people die from treatment for
AIDS than from the disease itself. The time has come to cease this

No one need ever die of AIDS again.

For information, please write to the above address, or e-mail

Edwin Ellinwood
FID Public Relations

As of 12/16/01, I recieved an email requesting the contact information
be removed from this discussion archive. Although it isn't illegal
to use a public name, in the spirit of cooperation, I have removed it
as requested.

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Re: colloidal silver

Author: eldon <eldon@ziplink.net>
Date: 1997/02/17
Forums: misc.health.alternative

There is at LEAST one patent for silver that implies its tremendous
antibacterial effect:

United States Patent 5,571,520 [also: US Patent 5,676,977]


Antelman Nov. 5, 1996
Molecular crystal redox device for pharmaceuticals
Inventors: Antelman; Marvin S. (Rehovot, IL).
Assignee: Antelman Technologies Ltd. (Providence, RI).
Appl. No.: 286,007
Filed: Aug. 4, 1994
Primary Examiner: Hulina; Amy
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Salter & Michaelson
The employment of molecular crystals as bactericidal, viricidal and
algicidal devices, and specifically the molecular semiconductor
crystal tetrasilver tetroxide Ag(4) O(4) which has two trivalent
and two monovalent silver atoms per molecule, and which through
this structural configuration generates electronic activity on a
molecular scale capable of killing algae and bacteria via the same
mechanism as macroscale electron generators.
HMMM - Oxygen and silver...... can kill bacteria anerobic (pathogenic)

The FDA wants to regulate it as a drug to keep me from turning blue
while I die from an antibiotic resistant infection.

How noble of them.

Maybe someone can explain the trade off between, turning blue
(if it does happen with a pure colloidal solution) and dying from
an antibiotic resistant infection.

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