Re: Dr Reich Orgone Energy

michael olson ( )
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 21:46:48 -0700

Hi All,
My apologies, the re shouldn't have been in the subject area.
Jerry your thoughts are interesting, however What you are saying is in
part the common belief, and I don't feel it to be true, but I do
appreciate the discussion.I have posted your paragraphs and my comments;

>About this dispersal of radioactivity, it's almost like the orgone
energy took what is a high concentration of energy and spread it out
over a large area (inverse square law), thus bolstering the contention
that orgone 'has free passage through all media', kind of like DMSO and
its transport ability to carry medication into the body.

This is what I believe is possibly true, but I dont believe orgone is
an energy.

(" OR-GONE")

I believe the "box" leaks energy from the object placed inside it

> So, what are the positive effects of this particular ability? The
is that people who sit in an orgone accumulator get 'charged' and it
results in various kinds of healing, though I've also seen negative
reports where people got worse.

Becaue possibly of what I said, the Orgone accumulator saps- or
decomposes matter- energy.

> What would happen if you release high discharges of electrical energy
magnetic flux inside an orgone accumulator? Would that energy also be
spread over the local area? Would it be detrimental to life or
beneficial or not have any effect at all?

It would probably have benefits to those outside the machine, as
additional energy would be immitted into the enviroment.

>How can any of this be useful at this point? Well, Reich said you
bottle this orgone and in its mechanical escape you could drive a motor,

so I guess the trick would be can you accumulate for sustained discharge

enough orgone to be able to run a motor to produce useful power.

Possibly because with the Orgone (as a device-not an energy species),
through its channelling energy to the outside, inside the orgone, or
through the construction of a suitable device, a difference in potential
could be set up. That could be used to drive a motor.

>Joe Cater says in his book 'Awesome Life Force' from Health Research,
that you can surround a gas tank with an orgone accumulator to enrich
the fuel and greatly increase its efficiency.

of course animal remains decompose and eventually become petroleum. The
further the decomposition the more enriched the fuel is.

> Something else of interest, once the orgone is induced to flow, it
CONTINUES to flow after the 'introductory impulse' until this 'slap
wave' is dissipated. In this dissipation back to a less pressurized
ambient state, it carries with it other energies, in this case,
radioactive energy, to be dispersed over a wide area.

Sorry Jerry but this last part makes no sense. radioactive "energies"
from where?


> In the case of orgone, it seems to be an OPPOSITE EFFECT to that of
aether/zpe, that is orgone wants to EXPAND when condensed, where
aether/zpe wants to flow in to fill holes or ruptures. A mirror effect.

Personaly I think both he anf Tesla could have found the "doorways "
though matter.