Alan Schneider ( )
Sat, 09 May 1998 02:27:00 GMT

On Thu, 07 May 1998 21:56:05 +0600, Dave <> wrote:


>You see Mr., I'll bet that you were probably exposed to the McDonald's
>BIG "M" symbol when you were a kid, right? Add that to the colour RED,
>and you got your blood in a hyper state! ...Just like cars painted the
>same colour are considered F.........AST!

>Just think about what does that "M" closely relates to in most kids'

Freud would be ecstatic <VBG>.

Hmmm. I wonder if the genesis of man's fascination with humongeous
mammaries relates to this advertising gimmick?


>Is it true that there is Horse meat in them?

I doubt it. I strongly doubt there is "meat" of any sort in the
suckers. Try Textured Vegetable Protein instead. In my experience
the food value of consumables from the 'Arches' is just about
zero. Try putting some out somewhere for a few weeks and see how
much mould develops <grin>. A friend of mine tried this and, guess
what. After six weeks she had two pieces of all but fossilised
material with the consistency of granite, not a trace of mould and
everything still there that there had been at the start, just
minus a bit of water.

>oops, didn't mean to change your choice of F........AST FOOD sources!

They don't call 'em "Chew'n'Spew" for nothing <grin>.